A Night Out

A Night Out

            I now know where all the guys my age hang out.

            Last night I went out with MLD (Mr. Liberal Democrat) for a nice dinner and a concert by Robben Ford. You are forgiven if you do not recognize the name. He is a guitarist famous to people who know music. He used to do mostly jazz but now he’s branched out to the blues and rock.

            MLD had told me that he didn’t dance unless he’d had some beers. I offered to be the designated driver and he accepted. When we got to The Compound, a new venue refashioned from a chain steak house in North Scottsdale, there was a short line. We were admitted on the strength of the previously bought tickets, given a wrist band and set loose. The show was supposed to be at eight and we arrived a little after seven. There were no seats left. We asked a couple if we could share their table and they readily agreed. Thomas and Diane were a delightful pair who had been together for almost forty years. At eight it was announced that the show was a sellout and would start at nine. A few minutes later the staff made us, and everyone else, give up our chairs and tables to clear the floor.

Thomas and Diane went to stand by the bandstand and we followed. By this time the crowd that was in line around the building was allowed in from the cold, sixty degrees being cold here in Scottsdale. The staff never put up any chairs! WE were expected to stand for the wait and the concert.

As the place filled up, I realized that the crowd was eighty percent men. I mentioned this to Diane, and she said that the people who attended concerts like this were guitar geeks, and that her husband had repeatedly thanked her for coming with him.

The band started about quarter after nine and played for two hours. I enjoyed the music. It was rocking and MLD and I danced in place. I happened to look around and saw that only one other person, a woman, was making any kind of dancing moves. A few of the men were doing the head shaking thing, but most were still. So it must really be true that most guys don’t like to dance. Here was a big room of musicians and no one was bopping out. Lesson learned!

One Response to “A Night Out”

  1. veronica Says:

    will have to GOOGLE Robben Ford …my knowledge of funky musicians is lacking, to say the least. Chuckled at the thought of a hall full of men, great music, no dancing. Not to many guys willing to dance with each other (especially in straight and macho Arizona). Import a group of Catholic Girl High School Graduates ( a la moi) and the room would be a rockin’ with uninhibited women tripping the light fantastic, etc.

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