Eating Out Less Often

Eating Out Less Often

     Most single people I know eat out often. Now that I’m in Munds Park for the summer, the choices for nearby restaurants is severely limited.

     I do belong to the Pinewood Country Club which is open for breakfast on Sundays, lunch some days, and dinner some days.

     The full service restaurant, The Lone Pine, used to be open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now it’s open sometimes, mostly Thursday through Sunday. Their bar, which offers pizza and sub sandwiches is open most nights but the service is so bad I stopped going.

     Pinewoody’s, an outdoor place across the highway, is open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner until 7 or 8. It has a limited menu: pizza, burgers, and sandwiches.

     And everything is closed on Mondays.

     In Scottsdale I usually eat out one meal a day. Up here I eat out a few times a week. I have to think ahead, as the nearest grocery store is in Flagstaff, twenty miles north. This is not to say that I’m cooking up a storm. I’ll buy fruit and a few vegetables. I’ll have eggs for any meal. I’ll get a rotisserie chicken and eat off it a few days. And a tuna fish sandwich is the default dinner. I’m not sure my nutrition is any better, but I am saving money.

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