What if You Sponsored a Happy Hour and No One Came

What if You Sponsored a Happy Hour and No One Came

            Flush with success from last week’s Single Senior Happy Hour at Munds Park, Arizona, I was eagerly awaiting this week’s event. For the first one, I advertised it by mentioning it in my column in The Pinewood News and posting flyers at the three convenience stores and the post office. It was a Thursday at 5 p.m. at Pinewoody’s one of the two restaurants in Munds Park, and five people came.

            This week it was scheduled on Wednesday at 4 p.m., same place. I couldn’t get it in the newspaper as it comes out every two weeks but I did put up the flyers. No one showed up. Was the time and day of the week worse? Were the people last week too honest with each other and regretted their confidences? Did I have bad breath or body odor?

            I’ll probably try again in late July as I have to be in Phoenix for the first three weeks of July. Better luck next time.

2 Responses to “What if You Sponsored a Happy Hour and No One Came”

  1. Walt Hohlstein Says:

    Wed. is golf (RAZ) at the CC…so I couldn’t make it….Maybe you would like to play golf some afternoon…


  2. Kathleen McLellan Says:

    I ended up having to be in Phoenix. I don’t usually see posters hanging anywhere, but you can call me at 6236405418. I appreciated your efforts and am always available for a movie or dinner, etc.

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