Not Lonesome at the Lone Pine

Not Lonesome at the Lone Pine

I went to the Lone Pine on Saturday night to hear some live music. It was one fellow with a guitar and backup sound. Not very good. I sat at the bar, as I have at least five or six times since I moved up to Munds Park for the summers. No One has ever spoken to me.

This time a good looking fellow named Andrew left his seat and sat next to me. We had quite a nice talk. He mentioned that he was forty-one. I was quite flattered that a man of such a young age would chat me up.

Another fellow, drunk, came and sat on the other side of me at the bar. He was celebrating that his home had been delivered. His whole block had been decimated by the wicked snowfall last winter. He had chosen everything, including cabinets, and was overjoyed to see it materialize. He still had to get it hooked up to electricity and permits, but it was there. He invited me to the housewarming he’s planning.

I must admit my ego was booted after only two hours at the Lone Pine.

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