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Sparky as a Spoiler

August 26, 2010

Sparky as a Spoiler

     My dog Sparky is many things to me:  companion, walking buddy, hugger, and nonjudgmental listener. When I’m in Scottsdale he’s easy to care for. He free feeds which means I leave food out for him all the time and he doesn’t overeat. I have a watering dish that holds almost a gallon. Best of all he has a doggie door. This gives me the freedom to come and go as I like and not have to worry about him. If I choose to stay out late or even overnight, it’s no big deal.

     At my cabin in the pines it’s a different story. Sparky’s food and water are out all the time. BUT there is no doggie door. Up here other critters could use it to enter my house. I do not want to invite raccoons and skunks into my abode. I do have a fenced back yard for Sparky, but I can’t leave him there all night. There are also coyotes and other predators that could cause him great bodily harm.

     Yesterday I went to Flagstaff. I left at 1:15 and put Sparky in the backyard. I asked my neighbor to put him in the house at sunset. I did a few errands, had a luscious two hour massage, did more errands, read a book at a coffeehouse, and then met a man, whom I’ve known for months, for dinner at 6:30.

     We enjoyed Greek food at a lively place called La Taverna. The conversation flowed without the assistance of spirits. As we left, he walked me to my car. Quite passionate kissing ensued. I was very tempted to follow him home for the night. But then there was Sparky. I didn’t think he could make it for twelve hours without a bathroom break. I certainly didn’t want that to happen in my house. My date had to be at a meeting early the next morning, so my place was not an option.

     Ah Sparky, I do love you, but sometimes you spoil my fun. This is one of the disadvantages of living alone. There’s no one to take care of the dog when fun beckons.

Playing at Love

August 19, 2010

Playing at Love

     I am a supporting actress in a play at the Pinewood Playhouse in Munds Park, Arizona. The play is “Leading Ladies” and the performances are this weekend and next. The play is akin to “Some Like It Hot.” The two main characters are men who dress women to swindle their way into an inheritance. It’s very funny both as written and as acted.

     I play a twenty-year old. This is quite flattering for me. I thought no amount of makeup would dissolve forty years but I was wrong. That stage makeup is amazing! I certainly don’t look twenty, but I don’t look my age either.

     One of the main characters falls in love with me. I already have a boyfriend but it break up with him so I can marry the other guy. So I’m admired by two fellows and fall out of love with one and into love with the other. This has never happened in my real life. It’s fun to play a ditzy and sexy woman. It frees me from my intellect and lets me try on a persona. I wear a skating outfit, a Shakespeare outfit, and a party dress. I’ve included photos. I’m in the skating outfit with my first boyfriend and in the party dress with the guy I marry. He’s the shorter one with the blue shirt. I get to hug him at least six times and give him a humungous kiss. He’s single, so I feel good about it. I am attracted to him.

     It was a lot of work to learn the lines but it’s been an enjoyable experience. The cast, director, producer, and crew are pretty mellow. It’s community theater after all. If you’re in the area, come by and see it.

Scavenger Garden

August 17, 2010

Scavenger Garden

      As I have shared before, I am mechanically challenged. I am also not a gardener. In fact, my neighbor in Scottsdale agrees I have a brown thumb. I’m a much better gardener up in Munds Park. The reason is simple. If I forget to water, nature does it for me. I have no grass or planted flowers. I stick to plants and flowers in pots positioned on my porch.

     I had been thinking about putting a floral border near my driveway. I never actually made it to any garden shop. Recently it rained here for four days straight. I did take the opportunity to weed my yard because the ground was so wet I just had to tug. That gave me an idea.

     I walk Sparky about six every morning. I am rather jealous of the brown-eyed Susans that come up along the road, seemingly without anyone doing anything to encourage them. During this wet period, I pulled up twelve young brown-eyed Susan plants. They didn’t have any blooms yet. I bought a spade at the dollar store and planted them for my floral border of my driveway.

     The first day the plants drooped on the ground. A friend said they were “in shock.” Who knew plants that grew like weeds were sensitive? She suggested I water them.

     “Even though the ground is soaked?” I asked.

     “Yes, it will let you know they care.”

     Who knew weeds had feelings? I took her advice and watered them. The next day it rained. By the third day they were again standing tall. It took a few weeks, and they are still pygmy plants, but two have bloomed and all have fat buds. I’m very proud of myself. I’ve named it my “scavenger garden.”

The Single Senior Happy Hour Goes By the Wayside

August 8, 2010

The Single Senior Happy Hour Goes By the Wayside

            I tried to coordinate “The Single Senior Happy Hour” in Munds Park for the third time. The first time there were five of us. The second time only I showed up. On Thursday there were three of us. I know Munds Park is a coupled place. Are there really so few single seniors? Or are they uncomfortable identifying themselves? Not interested in socializing? Or given up on socializing? I will give up on the idea.

            On a separate note, I’m in a community theatre play at the end of this month. I was the youngest woman to audition, so I got the part of Audrey, who’s twenty! I am concerned about looking ridiculous. No amount of makeup is going to make me look forty years younger. It probably helps that the fellows who are my “love interests” are in my age range. It seems unfair that I may look sillier because I’m a woman. I do get lots of hugs in this play and a big kiss. That’s one way to get affection with no strings attached. I was quite worried that I was too old and have lost too many brain cells to memorize lines. I finally put that fear to bed. If you’re in the area, come see “Leading Ladies” at the Pinewood Playhouse on the weekends of August 20 and 27. Get your tickets soon as the shows up here sell out.