Playing at Love

Playing at Love

     I am a supporting actress in a play at the Pinewood Playhouse in Munds Park, Arizona. The play is “Leading Ladies” and the performances are this weekend and next. The play is akin to “Some Like It Hot.” The two main characters are men who dress women to swindle their way into an inheritance. It’s very funny both as written and as acted.

     I play a twenty-year old. This is quite flattering for me. I thought no amount of makeup would dissolve forty years but I was wrong. That stage makeup is amazing! I certainly don’t look twenty, but I don’t look my age either.

     One of the main characters falls in love with me. I already have a boyfriend but it break up with him so I can marry the other guy. So I’m admired by two fellows and fall out of love with one and into love with the other. This has never happened in my real life. It’s fun to play a ditzy and sexy woman. It frees me from my intellect and lets me try on a persona. I wear a skating outfit, a Shakespeare outfit, and a party dress. I’ve included photos. I’m in the skating outfit with my first boyfriend and in the party dress with the guy I marry. He’s the shorter one with the blue shirt. I get to hug him at least six times and give him a humungous kiss. He’s single, so I feel good about it. I am attracted to him.

     It was a lot of work to learn the lines but it’s been an enjoyable experience. The cast, director, producer, and crew are pretty mellow. It’s community theater after all. If you’re in the area, come by and see it.


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