Those Kindergartners are So Cute

Those Kindergartners are So Cute

     I substituted in Ms. Hunsaker’s kindergarten class at Sevilla Primary School yesterday. I loved it! Although I have never met Ms. Hunsaker, I could tell a lot about her by the state of her classroom, her lesson plans, and her students.

     Her classroom was organized. It was decorated in a lively fashion but wasn’t frenetic. Giant letters of the alphabet were the focal point of her displays. Students’ table groups were organized by color. Each student had a cup with crayons, a kindergarten pencil, a glue stick, and a scissors. “Sign in” sheets with the student’s name were on each desk before I arrived. Students practiced writing their names while I took attendance.

     Her lesson plans were on her desk, detailed, and user friendly. User friendly for a teacher, anyway. The materials for the day were stacked on her desk and the pages in the teacher’s manual were marked.

     The students were well trained in procedures. They walked quietly in the hallway, put away their backpacks, put their homework folders in the correct bin, took their chairs down and immediately began “signing in.” If I had any questions about where materials were, or procedures, I just had to ask a student.

     Her capable assistant came in and worked four hours. We did small group work, with each of us taking a group. I felt I made a difference in assisting the students to learn how to write “q” and “y.”

     Just when I think that education is unrecognizable from when I taught, I have a day like this. Great teacher, great aide, great assistant. Even the talk in the faculty lunch room was positive. I’m ready to go again.


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