Ladies’ Night Out

Mr. Boogie Woogie and Annie at the Rhythm Room

A Night Out with Friends

      I have a confession to make. I am a Mr. Boogie Woogie groupie. For the uninitiated, Mr. Boogie Woogie is a keyboardist from Holland. He comes to Arizona at least twice a year and plays mostly in the Tucson area. I try to attend at least one of his phoenix concerts when he’s here, dragging one friend or another. I’m not enamored of him personally, but I am in love with his music. He plays the blues, boogie-woogie, classic rock, and original songs. I have almost all of his CD’s.

     Last night I convinced a group of six friends to go to dinner and to see Mr. Boogie Woogie at The Rhythm Room, a small venue in Phoenix. We ate at Switch, a hip place on Central Avenue next to Durant’s. The food was fabulous. One of my friends is someone who recently broke up with her fiancé of twenty years. She hadn’t been to a dance place since before they started dating. Another friend is recently out of relationship, two were married sans husbands, and my trusty neighbor Donna agreed to be the designated driver.

     The concert consisted of four pianists doing their things solo and jointly. Lisa Utey, a musician from Tucson started it out on a high note. Her sultry voice and complicated piano playing got the place rocking. Only a few people danced as we were entranced by the music. Next was Bob Malone, a blues player from Los Angeles. He was very showy but funny and endearing. Lisa Palmer was the only one who did only instrumentals and I think was the weakest of the group. She was good, but my companions described her as “stiff.”

     Mr. Boogie Woogie brought down the house. There was more audience participation and we got up and danced. It’s no longer necessary to wait for a man to ask you to dance or get the courage to ask a guy. Women can get out of their seats and dance with no inferences about their sexual orientation.

     We stayed for two sets and heard more from each artist solo and then some pairings. It rocked! There’s another musical event at The Phoenician on Friday and I’m so glad my friends are finally willing to go out! It spells fun for the future!


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