Old Beaus

Old Beaus

In the last month I’ve heard from most of the guys I’ve dated in the last two years. I don’t know what nostalgia drives them. Is it that I was so wonderful that now they regret breaking up with me? Or it’s the time of year when people grab at anything to relieve loneliness?

A friend of mine In Phoenix dated a guy from Show Low last winter. Christmas Eve she was sick in bed. About ten a.m. there’s a knock at her door. It’s Mr. Prescott. She is nonplussed as she’s now in a meaningful relationship. He wants to come in, but she explains that she’s sick. He hands her a present and insists that she open it. Of course she has no present for him. She lets him in the door and opens up the gift: a new toilet paper holder. (The one in her guest bathroom was forever unhinging.) She thanked him and gently pushed him out the door. Later her current boyfriend, Mr. Right,  showed up and saw the toilet paper holder. She told him who it was from. The next day, Christmas, Mr. Right shows up with a toilet paper holder, explains in detail why it is better, and installs it for her.

I got an email from a fellow I called the Hot Tamale.  We dated more than two years ago. We had a torrid affair for a few months. One Saturday, driving up to my cabin, I asked him to join me. I never heard from him again. So why was he emailing me? Does he think he had a chance for a booty call? I never emailed him back.

I got a Christmas card from a guy I dated two years ago. We went out for nine months, I even thought I loved him. He brought me roses every week with a poem attesting to his love for me. Then he dropped me like a hot potato. The reason rang false. He called me once, a few months later, to explain with another lame reason. He wrote me a few months after that to try to get back together. Please! Would I ever trust another guy bringing roses and poems? The Christmas card I recently received tried to pique my curiosity. “Someday I will tell you the real reason why I decided to go in a different direction.” This from a fellow who eschewed game playing. I didn’t send him a holiday card.

I got a text message from another guy who dumped me. He was the only honest one, so I think of him fondly. I replied and wished him “Happy New Year.”

Maybe next year I’ll find someone who appreciates me and I him for more than nine months. Is there a chance for love?


One Response to “Old Beaus”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. You have loved, so you know it is out there. 2011–The Year of Love!

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