Tiptoeing Back into Dating

Tiptoeing Back into Dating

I’m excited. I have a date tomorrow, with someone I met through match.com. I used to communicate via email with prospective dates but I keep that to a minimum now. First of all, even though I’m a writer, I’m not great at email. I revise and revise until the message doesn’t even sound like me. Secondly, lots of emails give men space to lie about themselves and worry about it later. And finally, I find that some guys think that email is foreplay and are into racy messages. I prefer that kind of talk with someone with whom I’ve met and I have chemistry.

I’m honest on my profile and post recent photos. I guess a lot of people don’t. Guys ask me how they’ll recognize me at the appointed meeting place. I just say, “I look just like my photos.” That seems to shock them.

What am I looking for? I want a man who can laugh, love, and likes going out. I’m not looking for financial balance sheets or a certain type of looks.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to trust worthy men. I’m not a man hater. I know a lot of great guys. They are married to my friends. I’m looking for someone like them. So I have an amorphous standard, not a check list. I do need to find someone who won’t lean on me financially. I won’t be leaning on them that way either. I want an optimist. I also want someone who isn’t overly concerned about appearances. Almost all men on match.com say they aren’t but then they list physical characteristics as very important for dates. Don’t they know that at our age this is the best it’s going to be? The physical isn’t going to last unless you’re into major surgery.

The last few guys I’ve been out with told me I was too nice. I’m not sure what that means. I know I’m a low maintenance woman. I’m willing to drive myself somewhere. I am easy-going. Not too much fazes me. I tell myself not to be too accommodating, not to send cards or mementos, make dinner or bake.

Now if I could only decide what to wear. . .



One Response to “Tiptoeing Back into Dating”

  1. Sharon Says:

    So??? What happened? We’re dying to know.

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