First Dates

First Dates

I plunged into dating this week. I had one date on Tuesday and one with a different fellow on Friday.

First dates are a category unto themselves. Generally men can’t stop talking on the first and second dates. I let them ramble on because I get more information about them than in the next six months. I’ve stopped looking for the “initial attraction,” or chemistry. That just means it might be a torrid but short affair.

My date on Tuesday was a guy who claimed to be five feet nine inches. I find a lot of guys lie about their height. I met him in a bar/restaurant at Desert Ridge. I saw immediately that he was truthful about his height, a good start. He was clean shaven and dressed nicely in a shirt. He looked very fit which matched his statements to me about going to the gym most days and taking spinning classes twice a week.

I ordered a Michelob Ultra and he seconded it. Good, not a heavy drinker. As I expected, he did most of the talking. He expounded on his careers, (he was a Hershey’s salesman!) places he’d lived, his new house, his children, and the ex-wife. He also told jokes and I laughed a lot. That’s a good thing. Anyone who can get me giggling gets points.

When it came time to reorder drinks, I asked for a diet Coke. He dittoed that. Another good sign. We ate off the half price appetizer menu. Good food and plenty of it. We talked for about two and a half hours and he paid the tab. In former dating forays, I have split the bills, but I’m on a very tight budget these days and let chivalry do its thing. We both voiced that we’d sign on for another date. No specific plans were made.

I got an email from him with a funny joke the next day. I emailed back. Haven’t heard from him since. Guess he’s met someone who piqued his interest more.

My date last night was at Starbuck’s with a software engineer. He got there first and made no effort to get my drink so I ordered and paid for my own iced tea.

He told me all about his career and his Gestalt work. So he’s a logical guy who’s in touch with his feelings, that’s good. He told me I looked better than my pictures on the website. Flattery helps! On his profile he listed himself as “separated” but he didn’t address it. So, of course, I asked. He’s been separated for three years and the ex lives in the state of Washington. Okay with me.

When he asked about adventures I’d had, I told him about teaching in China for ten weeks. He told me that he’d spent a week at a nudist resort in Florida. In fact, he had a voucher for a week at a luxury nudist resort in Florida and was looking for someone to take. OMG! That would be my worst nightmare! I remember when a friend was turning thirty the surprise party for her was supposed to include a hot tub of pasta in which we would all hang out. I worried about that for weeks because I knew her crowd did hot tubs in the nude. Luckily, the hot tub was broken and the party was more conventional. I gently told him that I didn’t have a good enough body image to participate in nudist activities. He accepted that. Hmmm.

He asked if I would go out with him again. I said yes. When he asked what kind of date, I immediately said my favorite, listening to live music. He had been to the Rhythm Room! He said he had made a date for Saturday night but he was willing to cancel it. This bothered me. I was not going to be the cause of a cancelled date. So we’re set up to go dancing on Sunday night. Me and the Nudist. We’ll see how this goes.



One Response to “First Dates”

  1. Sharon Says:

    You got me giggling, too! Vicarious dating is so much more fun than the real thing at my age! Keep it coming, Annie!

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