On the Prowl Again

Still on the Prowl

Neither of the dates I had recently worked out. One didn’t call me, after assuring me he would, and there was no connection or chemistry with the other one. So I’m back on the prowl. I’ve sent “winks” to guys on match.com but I haven’t been emailing anyone to start the process. Am I too busy? That seems like a cop-out. Am I too scared of more rejection? Could be.

I want it the easy way and that isn’t going to happen. I want to meet someone, have an immediate connection, and not have to play any games. My sister says it’s a numbers game. She went out with sixty-eight guys in one year before she found the one she’s with. I don’t know if I have that much stamina or will.

A friend of mine was emailing a guy she met through match.com. After quite a few back-and-forths he signed his name. She realized he was the guy another friend of hers had been involved with seven years ago! The fellow had bought a house with the friend’s friend, and they lived together happily for a year. Things started to deteriorate. She went back to the East for a long weekend. When she returned, the woman next door told her that she had spoken with the woman who spent the weekend in the house and had learned she was a prostitute and the fellow and she had done drugs together! Of course the fellow was thrown out, but the friend had to buy him out of his part of the house. My friend stopped emailing the guy immediately, knowing she had dodged a bullet.

I guess we all have war stories about the dating world. I guess that’s why I’m set on not remarrying or living with someone. I don’t think I could trust that much again. Then again, I’m a patsy for a good salesman.



2 Responses to “On the Prowl Again”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I admire both your honesty and your stamina! The Dating Game wasn’t all that much fun the first time around what with all the insecurities attached. Someone is there for you. Keep searching. Those antennae of yours are sensitive. You’ll know when he’s in your life. It’s good that you don’t waste his time or yours when you know he’s not “the one”. Still–it does give you a passel of very funny stories!

  2. Evvy Says:

    Keep on. It’s worth the work and the wait. Small correction: 68 dates in 2 years. Don’t fall for any of those salesmen. You can’t afford to be a patsy anymore. Love from your sister.

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