Another Birthday Coming Up: Where Did Those Jowls Come From?

Another Birthday Coming Up: Where Did Those Jowls Come From?

I have another birthday coming up next week on St. Patrick’s Day. Last year I went out to an Irish bar with a bunch of friends and my beau at the time. It was great fun. I think once every five years is enough to do the bar thing.

No beau this year. I went to Costco today and bought myself three collared polo shirts. And I intend to buy myself a wireless printer for my Munds Park cabin. I told my kids to buy me flowers in pots so I can enjoy them here and then take them up north in May. That is, if they survive. I do forget to water plants.

I noticed that although I’ve “winked” at people on, no one has winked back. I’m wondering if my age is a factor. I checked my profile and saw that it said “sixty.” I guess that’s when I first posted it. I’m going to be sixty-three. I do look younger than my chronological age. (Isn’t that what everyone says?) I tried to change my age to fifty-nine, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hmmm.

Why is it I notice the aging process creeping up on me right before my birthday? I looked in the mirror last week and was shocked to see that I have the beginning of jowls. I think that’s what the sagging on either side of my face, just above my chin is called. When I get out of the shower in the morning, my face looks its best. It’s hard to see the wrinkles when my skin is all puffed out from the steam of a hot shower. I choose not to peer at my face the rest of the day. I am quite good at zooming in on my hair without noticing the wrinkles.

As I ponder my mortality, I’m not sad. I’ve satisfied that I did the best I could and helped others. I would like to see my youngest son enjoy his life, my middle son enjoy parenthood, and have time with my granddaughters. I have only a few things on my bucket list: Get my novel published and do more international volunteering and traveling. How’s your bucket list?



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