The Unfairness of Pimples for Seniors

The Unfairness of Pimples for Seniors

My neighbor is going to a big wedding this weekend: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and a fancy bash. She’s the “date” of her good friend, the mother of the groom. Her friend recently broke up with her boyfriend, so my neighbor is standing in.

My neighbor is into the occasion. She got her hair colored and cut. She selected her favorite fancy dress and had it dry cleaned. She went for a manicure and pedicure.

Today came an unwelcome catastrophe: TWO big zits on her face. How is this fair?

We seniors deal with the effects of gravity on our faces and bodies, our mounting maladies of bunions, type 2 diabetes, controlling our weight, blood pressure, high cholesterol, hair loss, the fluctuations of the stock markets and our retirement portfolios, menopause, new aches and pains every day, problem adult children, rising costs on fixed incomes, awaking several times a night to go to the bathroom, age discrimination if we want to work, and loneliness. We should at least be free of the pimples of adolescence!

I did see an article in the New York Times last week for a pimple zapper. It cost about $300 and was supposed to get rid of the offending pimples. Is that the kind of investment we want to make over a treadmill or new patio furniture? I think not.




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