Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes

Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes

I’ve had a few dates lately with very nice guys. Starman was a retired aeronautics guy who got his RN and assisted in eye surgeries. We connected through an Internet dating site and arranged to meet at a place in Sedona. He had relocated from Connecticut four years ago and got a divorce shortly after he moved to Arizona. He volunteers at the Lowell Observatory.  He likes to fish and hike. He was disappointed that I hadn’t fished lately. I admitted I hadn’t fished since 2001because my second husband was the one who set up the fishing trips thought I thoroughly enjoyed them. Starman also claimed to be a big hiker. I admitted that I walked a lot but rarely hiked. He was dismayed at that. I figure it’s better to be honest right away. Then I found out his idea of a hike was leading seniors on a three mile trek. I could do that easily!

He is also very disciplined about eating a healthy diet and only has pizza two or three times a year. I like my pizza, sweets and junk food. And he lives in Cottonwood, which is a bit of a ride from Munds Park. It’s even far if we meet in Sedona.

I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I came back he indicated maybe we weren’t a match because I was too sedentary and liked to go to the movies every week. I thought he was a nice guy and worth another date. He agreed and we decided to go out for dinner a few days hence.

On the long drive back to Munds Park, I thought about him. He was probably right. What is the sense of trying to fit my square peg into his round life? I am such a people pleaser that I am too willing to give a relationship a chance when I should see the pitfalls before one starts. Just because someone is a nice guy doesn’t mean that a relationship is possible.

I emailed him the next morning and said that after thinking it over, I decided he was right and cancelled our date. I wished him good luck.

On to the next!

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