A Lesson on Aging from B.B. King

A Lesson on Aging from B.B. King

B. B. King and Lucille

I went to a B.B. King concert on Sunday evening at Fort Tuthill Amphitheater south of Flagstaff. We sat in row three, about ten feet from the stage because I bought the tickets in May, right after the concert was announced. The weather was iffy, but it was a “rain or shine” concert. Our seats were under the permanent canopy, so the only thing that would have interfered would have been thunder and lightning. But the sky cleared up and it was a beautiful if chilly evening. We had come prepared for the cold, so we just sat back and enjoyed ourselves.

Being the inveterate shopper, I hit the merchandise table and bought a B. B. King zippered sweatshirt and the three CD set of his greatest hits.

The warm-up act was okay, but not great. The band itself sounded good, but the lead singer sounded like he was working too hard. It came off like a Vegas lounge act. We were given a free CD of his music, but the copyright date was 2006. I haven’t had the urge to play it.

B. B. King’s band came out first and jammed. They were fantastic. Here are a few pictures that I hope convey how into they were.


I was nervous before the star came out. Would he be over the hill and I would see him on the downhill slide, a pathetic ghost of his former self? I wasted my time worrying. B. B. King was great. If you get a chance to see him, go!

He made a few accommodations for his age. He sat for the entire concert. He was on for about an hour, with no encore. Not only does he still have it, he emanated how much fun he was having. He sang on key, with feeling. He moved his hands and head to show he had his mojo. He played Lucille, his guitar, with finesse.

B. B. King reminded me that when you love something like music, or writing, or golf, or whatever, it gives you the verve to keep a bounce in your step and lightness in your heart no matter how old you are. It keeps your spirit alive.



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