Pacing It In For the Winter

Packing it in for the Winter

I’m enjoying sitting on my front porch writing. It’s been cold here in the mountains at night, but glorious during the day. I have four more days before I leave for the winter in Scottsdale. Munds Park is getting less populated by the day as the summer folks head home.

It’s an easy move for me. I only bring my clothes and laptop back and forth from Scottsdale, so it doesn’t take much time to pack up. I brought my pots of plants and sewing machine back a few weeks ago.

I’m so goal oriented that I had to look back over the past five months and see what I’d achieved: acted in a play, had my granddaughter stay up here for a week, had good times with two guys, learned to meditate, saw Sheryl Crow and B. B. King, went to Sheri’s exercise class, didn’t gain weight, revised my novel (but it still needs more work,) started a new novel, started a book club which I don’t have to direct, led one writing group, was in two others, got the bathroom redone and the house leveled, and raked my own pine needles. All in all, a fulfilling summer.

It’s always difficult for me to acclimate back to the city. I love being near my good friends and my family. I sorely miss them during the summer. And I’ll substitute teach in grades K-5 in the Alhambra district, from which I retired. It’s good money and I enjoy the kids. I’ll have to become more social again. My mountain time is a solitary existence. And I’ll have to make writing a priority or it gets pushed to the back. I may even try internet dating again.

The trees finally showed their fall colors! Sharon and I went through Oak Creek Canyon. Here are a few photos.


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