When a No-Match is a Match

When a No-Match is a Match

 My sister, who lives in Manhattan, came out to Arizona with her new boyfriend, Bob.  He lives in Philadelphia. To me they seemed a great match. They’ve only been going out a few months, but they seem so happy and comfortable with each other. According to their profiles on Match.com, they were not a match. My sister only wanted to meet people within forty miles of New York City. Bob stated in his parameters that he wanted a woman less than 5 feet 5 inches. My sister is 5’6”.

My sister said that Match.com uses a new algorithm. They keep track of whom you contact and find others like them. I had noticed this when I was actively on the site. After I emailed or “winked” at someone, the computer would bring up more “men like him.” It turns out that the dating site has figured out that what you say you want on your profile and whom you contact may be quite different.

On any dating website there are so many people that it is imperative to set some parameters. However, it’s interesting to consider all the people you knock out of the running who actually might be just right for you. I give you the experience of my sister and her boyfriend.


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