The No-Show and the Unreadable One

The No-Show and the Unreadable One

 I had a date last Saturday for coffee/tea at a nearby Starbuck’s. My date was already there when I arrived, a good sign. He also ordered hot tea, another plus. He explained that his mother was English. We sat down and had a good conversation. He was about my height but I outweighed him by at least thirty pounds. This always makes me nervous, which is my baggage, not his. I told him he was second date material and he seemed pleased.

We talked for almost two hours and decided to go to a movie late that afternoon. We saw Moneyball. I arrived at the theater early and paid for my own ticket. I also had a theater tee shirt which entitles me to free popcorn all year, and a loyalty cup which allows me to get one dollar refills. In other words, it cost him nothing and we shared my popcorn. He got water.

The movie was an upper and I was looking forward to discussing it over our planned dinner. Of course I had to go to the bathroom after the show. As I exited the restroom, I noticed he was talking on his phone. I let him finish his conversation before I approached.

He said his father had fallen and his mother was upset. He needed to go home and see to the situation. (They lived in the same condo complex as him.) I understood. My mother lived with me for five years before going to assisted living. The reason she had to move was because she would fall when we were gone and couldn’t get up.

I emailed him two days later and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving. He had told me he was spending it with his family, who live in town. He picked up something melancholy about my email and called concerned that I would be alone on the holiday. I had expressly stated that I was going to a movie with a friend and then eating turkey Shepherd’s Pie at my house. We talked and I confessed about Thanksgiving being a hard day for me since the death of my daughters many years ago. He seemed sympathetic and promised to cook dinner for me over the weekend.

It’s Saturday and he hasn’t called to schedule the dinner. Am I optimistically reading a guy again? Did I misunderstand? Was I supposed to call him? I thought he was one of the good guys.

Last Tuesday I had a date with a guy from the west side of Phoenix. He wanted to meet halfway, at the Desert Ridge Barnes and Noble café for coffee at ten. He had been emailing me his adventures on a trip to see relatives that turned him into a cupcake baker for a few days. I looked forward to hearing about it. He called to change the plans, but then said he had cancelled something else, so it was okay.

I put on makeup and choose my outfit carefully. I get there a few minutes early and ordered a large hot tea. At ten o’clock I get a phone call from Mr. No Show. His car wouldn’t start. I know this was ridiculous because he would have had to start out at 9:30 to make it to our meeting. I didn’t rant or rave. I sat at a table, finishing my hot tea and stewing. I realized I should have said something and not swallowed my annoyance. Could be he’s married. In any case, he hasn’t called or emailed so another one bites the dust.

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