Single Senior Initiation

Single Senior Initiation

            Last night I performed a Single Senior Initiation. I have a best friend who’s been divorced for over a year. She hasn’t put her tippy-toe into the dating pool. She’s very attractive, bubbly, and intelligent. And short. That counts a lot for a female single senior. It’s a huge advantage since we were brought up in the age when women didn’t date men shorter than them. So if you’re a short female, all men are available to you.

We went to The Rhythm Room, one of my major hangouts. The Bad News Blues Band, from Tucson, was scheduled. I love them, especially the saxophonist. One of the best attributes of The Rhythm Room is the variety of ages and social strata. People are from their twenties to their eighties, with many in the senior range. It’s a friendly place where people like to get up and dance. You can always tell the ones who’ve taken lessons, and it’s fun to watch them. The attire runs from jeans and tee shirts to sequined dresses.

The cover charge was eight dollars. The band was supposed to start at nine, but I’ve never known one to be punctual. I met my friend at 8:30 outside the front door. We went in, paid the cover, got our hands stamped, and decided on bar stools that were at the edge of the dance floor. We’re not big drinkers. I ordered a soda water and she ordered a diet soda. My friend took off her fitted leather jacket she had bought on our trip Florence nine years ago. She was definitely dressed for clubbing. She had on an open lacey black blouse with a solid black camisole underneath. She looked hot. I had on a plunging neckline jersey top but had strategically tied a scarf in place.

A fellow in a black panama hat came up and introduced himself to us. He asked if we liked to dance. We both nodded and he said we would take our turns on the dance floor. This immediately calmed my friend. She was already not going to be a wall flower. Some people were dancing to the canned music, which I can’t understand when a live band is going to be playing. Why not wait for the real stuff?

The band started late, of course. Many people got up to dance. The Panama Hat asked my friend to dance the second song. I was asked to dance the next one by an older but sexy guy. I usually have no problem asking a guy to dance, and eyed some fellows sitting behind us, but decided to leave that piece for the next time. My friend was also asked to dance by a dapper preppie senior.

We stayed for one set. The music was toe-tapping and the vibes friendly. I couldn’t have picked a better initiation.



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