Cabin Company

Cabin Company

            I’ve welcomed company to my cabin. Memorial Day weekend a friend and fellow basketball fiend visited. We watched great play-off games, sat on the porch and drank our tea and coffee, and took the dogs for long walks. She didn’t get any no-see-em bites, only me. We never got around to any of the events or music that was offered. We ate a meal at Pinewoody’s and dinner at the Country Club. We had the leftovers for our next measl. I taught her how to bake artichokes and dog bones, and make sweet potato soup. She took samples home with her.

This past weekend, another friend made the trip up the mountain. She has various health problems so we just relaxed, my specialty at Munds Park.  Her dog likes to takes walks with me. In fact most people’s dogs love me. Single men, not so much.

She’s been single a while and is now ready to date. I helped her write her profile and edit her picture for Plenty of Fish, a free dating service. Her first communication was from a thirty-five year old woman. I advised her to respond she wasn’t interested in dating woman. The person emailed back that someone had hacked into his profile and he wanted her to contact him via personal email. I advised her not to do this. If he was legit, he would get in touch with her through the website. Otherwise she was giving him her personal email, a definite no-no.The second person to communicate sent a nice message, but when we looked up his profile, he mentioned God in every sentence. My friend is religious, but that was over the top. She emailed him back thanking him for his interest but saying they were not a match.

Her last night her we ate a New Jersey Pizza in Flagstaff. It deserves all the rave reviews I’ve read.  My friend declared it the best pizza she’s ever eaten!

I was sad to see her go. My company was easy. They made their own coffee, picked up and cleaned up after themselves, and they don’t expect me to entertain them.I hope all my company this summer is as easy.



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