Make New Friends but Keep the Old; One is Silver and the Other’s Gold

Sparky, Annie, and Louie the Lamp Chop

                                                (Round learned at Girl Scout Camp)


            I think it’s harder to make friends as we get older and move. I take the word “friend” seriously. My oldest friend, Linda, visited me last week from Connecticut.  We met when we were eight years old. It’s easy to be around her because I never have to explain anything in the past. We’re both easy-going and companionable. We have skills that complement each other. She organized my kitchen cabinets and gave me ideas on what additions would give me more storage, a pantry and a rolling island. I taught her how to use her iphone and encouraged her to go to all the events the week afforded. And we both LOVE the dollar store.

This past month, a number of opportunities to get to know new people came my way. A woman from my exercise class went with me to The Monday Night Blues at the Weatherford Hotel in Flagstaff. This is a weekly event, the band is great, the bar food tasty, and it starts at seven in the evening. The trip up and back and the band’s breaks gave us a chance to exchange life stories. I thought we got along well and think she’ll be a good activity partner and maybe develop into a friend.

Another single woman contacted me and we happen to live on the same street. We went to lunch and connected. I look forward to seeing her again. And an acquaintance from the school district from which I retired called and we had a god time at lunch.

A neighbor from my condo complex in Scottsdale bought a home in Munds Park this summer and I’m getting to know her better.

I meet all kinds of people on Sparky’s morning walks. Laura, in her pajamas, talked to me from her porch and convinced me to adopt a rescue dog. His new name is Louie the Lamb Chop. You can see by the picture that he’s fitting in well into my household.

I’ve seen Mike when he walks his dog Karma past my porch. He invited me to his block party on the weekend after July 4th.  What a hoot! Live band and all! I got to dance with a guy who knew how to lead.

Maybe the secret to making new friends is to be open to the possibilities.




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