The Single Senior Goes to Out of Town Training

The Single Senior Goes to Out of Town Training

I’m in LA doing a week of out of town training for a new job as a data collector. The company paid for my airfare and hotel. I arrived at 2:30 and the training registration was from 6-8 p.m. the hotel was at the airport, so the area wasn’t conducive to taking a walk. I unpacked and decided to be dutiful and go to the gym.  It had new equipment and was nicely appointed with towels, regular and citrus water, etc.

I knew I was going to have my picture taken for my photo ID so after I showered I dressed in colors that complimented my skin and wore makeup. I read for a while until it was 5 p.m. and went looking for some dinner. It was happy hour in the bar so I had club soda and some inexpensive munchies. Another single woman joined me, also there for the training. She told me a sorrowful story of losing her job of twenty-five years when the company w=she worked for was gobbled up by another company. She hadn’t worked since June and couldn’t make it on her social security check. Remember, Annie, to be grateful for all you have, I reminded myself.

When it was time for registration, she went off to the restroom and I followed the lines to the different stations. The last station in the registration process was where they gave me an envelope of cash to cover dinners and incidentals. I gasped when I counted the bills:  $311. Whoo-ee!

I found my team leader and team mate and joined them for a drink in the sports bar of the hotel. I had a margarita and got to know them better. I think this is called team bonding.

The training sessions are daily from 8:30 (be prompt and have your computer ready!) to 5:30. There were many groups of sixteen to twenty people. In my group there were the usual suspects. Most of the people seemed friendly and as clueless as I was. A few were knowledgeable and nice. A very few were experienced and haughty. The overall supervisor was gruff. Luckily the trainer had a well-modulated voice and maintained an upbeat pace. There were lots of role playing with partners to ensure we could correctly duplicate the tasks. The trainer let us out five minutes early.

The three of us on the team had agreed earlier to join some others in taking the shuttle to Manhattan Beach for dinner, but we were too bushed to embark on that adventure. Instead we rushed to the bar in time for happy hour. We ordered the inexpensive eats. The other women ordered glasses of wine, but I stuck to club soda as I planned on doing some of the at-home modules afterwards. I had trouble getting them to load on my company computer in Scottsdale but the techies here got them to work with no problem. We sat on the bar laughing and telling stories for three hours.

When I got back to my room, I fired up the computer and had the same problem leading the learning modules as I did in Phoenix. So I wrote this blog entry and will read a bit.

I was dreading a week of boring sessions, but I think it will be okay. Especially with my compadres. Tomorrow I’ll be back to drinking with them.



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