Opening the Cabin

Opening the Cabin

I went up in the middle of April to open my cabin. I called ahead to Greg Holley, the plumber who winterizes and UN-winterizes it. He has my key. I know how to un-winterize but I’m not strong enough to twist the water back on. I also called Aurora Salas to have her come on the first day and give it a thorough cleaning.


The dogs, Sparky and Louie, and I drove up the mountain. They love it up in Munds Park because I don’t have a doggie door so I take them for two long walks and a few short walks daily.

It was a bit frosty. The first morning it was twelve degrees when we went for a walk at six-thirty in the morning. Luckily there was no wind. I had on many layers so I wasn’t cold.


I had cranked up the heat in the living room before we headed out, so it was cozy when we returned. I drank many pots of Pu-er tea during the day while I worked on my short term job. I called parents to do interviews for Westat, a research company.  One day something like snow came down, but it was gaupel, that combination of hail and sleet. It melted.


All went well. Joe, the Railroad Man, called and we had dinner twice! That was more than I’d seen him in nine months. He jokes that his children call me the “made-up girlfriend.”

Walking the dogs I was able to see spring coming to the mountains:  the daffodils, tulips, and flowering trees.


On Friday night I went down to the Lone Pine to get some pizza in the bar. Before I went, I took the dogs for a pee break. I usually don’t lock my door, but I had a government computer with sensitive data, thanks to Westat. I had been warned about the dire consequences of the laptop being stolen. So I locked the door on my way out. I sat at the bar and talked with a young woman who was excited to have landed a job as a ranger at Slide Rock for the summer.

About 7:45 I headed back to the cabin. I felt around in my purse for the cabin keys. They weren’t there. The dogs were barking madly to let me know they wanted me inside and petting them. No problem, I had a hidden key. I had seen it the day I came up. I took out my phone and put it on the flashlight app. I searched but didn’t find the key. I guess one of the dogs might have knocked it between the slats of the deck. The dogs were making a horrendous racket. Good thing none of my neighbors were around.

I got back in my car and drove it around the block onto a cul de sac so the dogs would think I’d gone and stop barking. I couldn’t think with all their noise. That at least worked. What would happen if I couldn’t get in?  Poor puppies!

I wondered if I had Dave Kraemer’s phone number. He sold me my cabin. I thought I’d given him a key when I had some work done when I wasn’t there. I asked Siri, iphone gofer, to call him but there wasn’t an answer. I phoned my neighbor in Scottsdale, Donna, to see if she had another agent’s number from Pinewood Realty. While I was on the phone with her, Dave called back. He said he would be glad to go down to the office to see if they had my key, but he had had some wine and didn’t want to drive. I got his address and picked him up.

He wasn’t very optimistic about finding my key because I had called one time and told him where to find the hidden key last fall. He opened the office and looked in the box in his desk with the keys. Joy of joys!  It was there! But was it the right key? I’d replaced the door two years ago.

As we drove back to my cabin to open the door, he joked that when he sold a cabin, he came along with it. I’ll attest to that! The key opened the door. I took Dave back home to his lovely wife.

The puppies were apoplectically happy to see me. As soon as I sat down they jumped up and licked me. Now I never allow this, but I let them get one or two in before I reminded them that I knew where their tongues had been. All’s well that ends well.As we drove back to my cabin to open the door,


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