Monday Night Blues

Monday Night Blues

 I discovered Monday Night Blues last summer. Every Monday night at about 7 p.m. at Charlie’s, the bar in the historic Weatherford Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona, a band plays the blues. The name of the band is The Monday Night Blues. There were the regulars:  a man of at least sixty with a white beard and long white ponytail, a one-legged guy who danced amazingly well, and an eighty-something man who wore tailored khakis and collared shirts who always danced with young women in their twenties. The rest of the crowd varied from week to week. And there were many international tourists.

After many years at the Weatherford, the band has a new venue, the historic Monte Vista Hotel lounge. The crowd varies greatly from week to week. Sometimes it’s crowded and the BBQ from Satchmo’s is gone by 7:15. Other weeks you can still find a table at 8 p.m. I was glad to see that the regulars still show up every week.

Monday Night Blues Band

Monday Night Blues Band

Last Monday I went to Monday Night Blues with the train man. He grew up in Flagstaff and seems to know everyone. He went to elementary school with one of the guitar players. We sat with another childhood friend, Bo, who looks like a bum, but isn’t. He seems to treasure his persona as an angry down-and-out African American.

The place was hopping with people and many hit the dance floor. I got to dance with both the train man and Bo. Fun! When we were all dancing, an overzealous waiter cleared our table of half-drunk drinks and was about to seat other people when we reclaimed our spot.


The band was performing a different play list and the jamming worked.

I read the list of live music in the Friday edition of The Arizona Daily Sun. It seems the Monday Night Blues band performs several other nights of the week in different venues.

So if you ever find yourself in Flagstaff, Arizona on a Monday night, head over to the Monte Vista Hotel in downtown for a great time.


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