The Reliability of Web Sites

The Reliability of Internet Sites

I was sitting on my front porch late this afternoon, minding my own business, and reading Home Front for a book club meeting. I felt something between the toes of my left foot. I wiggled my toes, looked down and there was a darned bee, who stung me! It hurt, so I put on ice cube on it, the panacea for all pain. Then I remembered I had a “smart” phone and asked Siri how to treat a bee sting. She looked it up on the web for me. Most of the sites were about allergic reactions to bee stings. Luckily, I am not allergic. The first advice was to pull out the stinger, but I didn’t see it.
Ask. Com suggested a paste of baking soda and vinegar. I got the ingredients from my kitchen cupboard. I put some baking soda in a small container and added the vinegar. It foamed and bubbled like the venerable Volcano science project. It finally calmed down and I made the mixture into a paste. I put it on the sting, and wrapped a Band-Aid around the toe. It still hurt. A lot.
I went to dinner at the Country Club with Joan. The lobster Thermidor and the flan with berries were outstanding but my toe still stung.
Then I remembered way back to when I had just turned thirty. My husband and my daughter Emily, who was three at the time, were visiting San Francisco. We were in Golden Gate Park when a bee stung Emily. She let out quite a series of screams. An older Chinese woman came up and said to find someone who smoked. Ask for a cigarette and take out the tobacco. Wet the tobacco and apply it to the bee sting. She said it would draw out the poison. We did as she said. As soon as the tobacco was on the bee sting, Emily stopped crying.
Lucky for me Joan is a smoker. I asked her for a cigarette. The bee sting continued to bother me during dinner. After the meal I went home to try the tobacco remedy. My toe still hurts, but not nearly as much.
So why did I try the baking soda and vinegar treatments? Because the Internet told me to. I should know better. I was a librarian and taught about the reliability of websites. Now if it had been the Mayo Clinic or Scottsdale Healthcare website, I would have been justified in trying the treatment. But it was just someone who posted the answer on Ask. Com!
This leads me to the reliability of dating on the Internet. There isn’t any reliability. People make up their own profiles and can fantasize themselves however they choose. I have met men who used photos from ten or more years ago. They are much more interesting in their profiles than in person. I myself have assisted friends in writing their profiles. That’s why I prefer to meet a man right away, rather than emailing for weeks or months. Sure people put on their best masks and acts to meet someone new, but that’s a whole lot better than a pile of lies written to impress me.
So readers beware, consider the sources of websites!

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One Response to “The Reliability of Web Sites”

  1. Judi Smith Says:

    Good to know the trick with the tobacco. I got a double-hitter yellow-jacket sting that lasted for weeks earlier this summer! Does ever hurt! I’ve never been involved with a blog before but I was attracted to your title as a Single Senior. I’m relatively new to being a single senior myself & I have to admit that I’m not real fond of it. How about you? Do you date or would you like to? Would you know how to? As for me, I would have to answer No in each instance.

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