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Last Night In Flagstaff

November 12, 2013

Last night in the Mountains

It was getting cold in Munds Park, so I  headed home to Scottsdale on Tuesday, October 22. I had just gotten back from a weekend in Rocky Point. Not to let the grass grow under our feet, Joan, Elissa, and I headed to Flagstaff. We picked up the Train Man and parked by the Monte Vista. I slammed my pinkie finger in the trunk putting my purse away. Luckily I didn’t break it.

We intended to spend the night listening to The Monday Night Blues. Much to our surprise, the band no longer plays there. I missed one week, and they were gone.

We were devastated but determined to have a good time. We walked over to San Felipe’s Cantina to have dinner. Jack joined us, fresh from a nap.

Jack, Elissa, and Joan at San Felipe's Cantina

Jack, Elissa, and Joan at San Felipe’s Cantina

On Monday nights all appetizers are half off. Whoo-ee! Joan, who just turned eighty, had a shrimp cocktail served in a large sundae dish. She said it was delicious. She had her requisite two martinis. The Train Man had his usual Tecate Lights. Elissa, who hardly ever drinks, had vodka. She was feeling no pain. Jack and I were the designated drivers so we dutifully had diet cokes. After a great dinner of appetizers we went in search of entertainment.

We ended up at the Green Room at eight p.m… The Karaoke was about the start. There were only eight patrons in the place and we were five of them! Jack and Elissa sang after the Karaoke Master and the bartender/owner did their things. I have never sung in a bar, but even I got up and did a duet with Elissa!


Annie and The Train Man at The Green Room

Annie and The Train Man at The Green Room

The Train Man started buying fireballs, which are shots of cinnamon whiskey. In a while, Jack and I were the only sober ones.

A good time was had by all. Jack and the Train Man left together and the ladies and I headed back to Munds Park. I will miss my cabin, the solitude and beauty, and my friends in Munds Park.

Rocky Point Weekend

November 7, 2013

Weekend in Rocky Point

On the spur of the moment, Donna, Jack, Joe the Train Man and I went to Rocky Point, Mexico. I raced down to Scottsdale the day before to get a bathing suit and my passport, which Joe insisted I did not need. Donna and I asked Joan to babysit our dogs, which meant she had four to look after, including her own. And my dogs like to terrorize her cat, Chuca. Elissa agreed to come up on Sunday late afternoon and take care of my two dogs to relieve Joan.

So on Saturday morning the guys picked us up at 9:15 a.m. Jack was driving his Lincoln sedan, which was quite comfortable but had drawbacks as we found later. Good thing we packed light because the trunk was stuffed. As we were driving, Jack told us about how he sometimes saw double, due to his diabetes. Donna and I were glad Joe took over the driving when we stopped west of Phoenix. Joe has been to Rocky Point many times and stopped at his favorite rest places.

I sat beside Joe in the front seat. Between Phoenix and Ajo it became apparent that the air conditioning didn’t reach the back seat. Poor Donna!  Jack regaled us with jokes and stories that started out like they were true but ended up as jokes.

Joe informed us, when we crossed the dry Gila River, that we would have been crossing into Mexico except for the Gadsden Purchase in 1853.

We stopped in Why, Arizona to refuel the car and get snacks. Alongside the road in Why there’s one of those roadside signs that indicates a group who cleans the roadway. We passed one that I thought said, “Why Senior Citizens.” Joe said it read “Why Senor Citizens.”

Why borders the Tohono O’Odham Reservation and the tiny store had a casino. While Donna, Jack, and I picked out goodies to eat, Joe played the slots and won sixty dollars.

Joe's winnings in the Why Casino

Joe’s winnings in the Why Casino

We arrived at our hotel, Playa Bonita, in the afternoon. Joe and Jack took care of registering and taking the bags to the rooms. Donna and I went to the outside bar that overlooked the sea. We ordered frozen margaritas: she a double, me a single. They were delicious! It became happy hour and we ordered more and guacamole. The guys joined us and Jack shared Donna’s drink. We enjoyed the ambiance.

Donna and Jack sharing a double margarita on the hotel patio

Donna and Jack sharing a double margarita on the hotel patio

Joe, the tour leader, said we were going on a sunset dinner cruise. Donna and I wanted to change out of our shorts into something nicer. On the way to the dock, Joe said that “altos” (stop signs) and license plates were optional in Mexico. He said the alto announcement at every intersection so I finished with the chant with license plates being optional. We also learned that “topas” means speed bumps.

Annie and Joe relaxing on The Intrepid

Annie and Joe relaxing on The Intrepid

Onboard The Intrepid the DJ’s music was loud until the free margaritas and beer started flowing. I didn’t mind it after that. The sunset was spectacular. People danced, including us. Jack had to hang onto the pole so Joe called him a “pole dancer.”

photo (47)We ate delicious fish tacos and watched the full moon rise like a huge gold coin.


After we retrieved the car from the paid parking where the woman had watched over it, Joe drove us downtown. He had trouble parking the car and it ended up being three feet from the curb.


We walked to Flavio’s, one of Joe’s favorite haunts, and got a table overlooking the sea. Joe had more Tecate light and the rest of shared a pitcher of frozen strawberry margaritas. This concoction was very sweet and contained almost no alcohol so we sobered up. The oysters Rockefeller that Joe ordered very scrumptious.


Three different groups of mariachis serenaded us when the singer went on his breaks.

The next morning we eschewed the buffet at the hotel and went to Max’s, a restaurant started by a guy from Brooklyn. I had a fantastic breakfast of bagels, lox, cream cheese, and capers.

We went shopping downtown. Joe sat on a bench eating some dried fruit bought from a vendor. He did help Donna negotiate for a wallet and red purse. I bought a pair of earrings. The vendor told me I looked like a Mexican movie star in them.

We went to Flavio’s and had regular margaritas. They were delicious and powerful.

We went back to the hotel and went to the beach for a banana boat ride. A banana boat is an inflatable with two bananas on each side and a small space in between. The bananas have hand holds and the boats seats up to eight people. A motor boat pulls the inflatable through the water. We got to ride by ourselves, with Joe and me up front. I was wearing a long tee shirt and couldn’t get a grip on the plastic. I fell over towards the inside, but was laughing too hard to say anything. Jack yelled out, “Joe, Annie needs help!” The boatman eased up on the accelerator and I righted myself. We took off again, at high speed, and I landed in the middle. With help I got up on the banana again and finished out the wild ride.

We went up to the patio of the hotel and I had a double frozen margarita. Jack and Donna each decided they needed a nap. After a while Joe and I took another banana boat ride. This time I took off my tee shirt and was able to stay upright. We saw dolphins. The boatman stopped the boat and we got within ten feet of them. Amazing!

That night we went back to the hotel bar to listen to Rigo, a great singer, and watch the sun set. Joe knew Rigo from previous visits and he came over to talk to us. Joe bought us copies of Rigo’s CD. After his break he played Ritchie Valens’s “Donna” in Spanish.

Our last gorgeous sunset

Our last gorgeous sunset

The audience was older, mostly coupled, and from the RV park next door. They reminded me of the Munds Park crowd. We danced to many slow dances.

Annie relaxing

Annie relaxing

Jack on the hotel patio

Jack on the hotel patio

When Rigo stopped playing, around nine, we went to Flavio’s for dinner. I had delicious fresh fried oysters. Jack had a fish kabob. Donna and Joe shared a huge whole fried sea bass, the catch of the day.

We headed back to Munds Park and Flagstaff. What a wonderful lost weekend at Rocky Point, Mexico!