Last Night In Flagstaff

Last night in the Mountains

It was getting cold in Munds Park, so I  headed home to Scottsdale on Tuesday, October 22. I had just gotten back from a weekend in Rocky Point. Not to let the grass grow under our feet, Joan, Elissa, and I headed to Flagstaff. We picked up the Train Man and parked by the Monte Vista. I slammed my pinkie finger in the trunk putting my purse away. Luckily I didn’t break it.

We intended to spend the night listening to The Monday Night Blues. Much to our surprise, the band no longer plays there. I missed one week, and they were gone.

We were devastated but determined to have a good time. We walked over to San Felipe’s Cantina to have dinner. Jack joined us, fresh from a nap.

Jack, Elissa, and Joan at San Felipe's Cantina

Jack, Elissa, and Joan at San Felipe’s Cantina

On Monday nights all appetizers are half off. Whoo-ee! Joan, who just turned eighty, had a shrimp cocktail served in a large sundae dish. She said it was delicious. She had her requisite two martinis. The Train Man had his usual Tecate Lights. Elissa, who hardly ever drinks, had vodka. She was feeling no pain. Jack and I were the designated drivers so we dutifully had diet cokes. After a great dinner of appetizers we went in search of entertainment.

We ended up at the Green Room at eight p.m… The Karaoke was about the start. There were only eight patrons in the place and we were five of them! Jack and Elissa sang after the Karaoke Master and the bartender/owner did their things. I have never sung in a bar, but even I got up and did a duet with Elissa!


Annie and The Train Man at The Green Room

Annie and The Train Man at The Green Room

The Train Man started buying fireballs, which are shots of cinnamon whiskey. In a while, Jack and I were the only sober ones.

A good time was had by all. Jack and the Train Man left together and the ladies and I headed back to Munds Park. I will miss my cabin, the solitude and beauty, and my friends in Munds Park.


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