The Humor of Older Women

The Humor of Older Women

I’m on the plane back to Phoenix, chuckling over the humorous items I jotted down during the second half of our training. Some may not be funny out of context so I hope some conference participants find their way to this blog.
One morning at breakfast a gorgeous, thin, well-dressed woman in her thirties passed by our table. A portly older woman at my table said, “I wish I had her closet.” She paused and said, “Hell, I wish I had her body!”

Many of the trainees were from parts of the country that have had a brutal winter. One woman asked my team member, “Where are you from?”
Jan answered, “Arizona.”
“Oh,” the other woman said. “Lucky you! You went from warm to warm.”

For one part of the training we did improv scenarios in teams to practice how to deal with students off task. As two woman walked to the front to present tone said, “I don’t need a paper to tell me how to act out.”
The other woman said, “This one scares me.”

One morning I said to the older woman beside me after I set up my work station, “I feel perky today.”
“Not me!” she said.

We are learning to assess students using a computer script (CAPI) and easels, making sure to read verbatim and gesture the same to ensure the assessment’s reliability across the country. One woman leaned over and said to me, “Between reading CAPI and making sure to point at the right place on the easel, the kid could be running around the room before I noticed.”

In one section of the assessment, we test for speed in color and speed discrimination. One of the keys on our computers has a raised dot (the fuzzy button) as a starting place for the students. One woman reported she woke up at 3:30 a.m. ready to put her finger on the fuzzy button.”

For me, the training was rigorous but boring. The camaraderie of the women and their humor saw me through.


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