Unanswerable Message and My Back Patio

I receive messages on a dating site. I had a bevy of them in January although I did nothing to elicit them. The messages have tapered off but I’m still receiving a trickle. The other day I got one from 32212 (Jim) which said. “You look expensive.” How was I to answers this?
At first I took it to mean that he thought I was a high-priced prostitute and was totally insulted. However the message lingered in my mind after I signed off the website. Did he mean I was a high maintenance woman who expected expensive gifts and to be wined and dined and kept in a high falutin’ lifestyle? That gave me quite a laugh. I do not engender the desire in men to present me with gifts, expensive or cheap. I am more likely to give presents to men, after which they often break up with me.
So how should I respond to this email? Assure him I’m not looking for a Sugar Daddy? It’s not like I’d mind going to nice restaurants, to travel or receive jewelry as tokens of affection. It’s that I don’t require them in a relationship. Every time I’ve traveled with a man I’ve paid my own way. I wasn’t making a statement, the guy just expected it. I think the guys I date assume I have a lot of money. I don’t but neither do I want to risk my financial stability for a man. I seem to attract men who are in the same position as me. I do okay money-wise but don’t have a lot to splurges. On my part this is because I choose to work very part time and subsidize my writing career. That’s my extravagance. In the end I decided there was no reasonable response to 32212 (Jim) so I didn’t message him back. This bothered me because I always respond, even if I’m not interested. I tell them why, according to their profile, even the thirty-five year olds from Australia.





This multitude of messages after two and a half years of never using the dating website reminded me of my back patio. In January I finally cut back the bushes. I don’t ever water them but they grow with a vengeance, mostly with thorns: bougainvillea, lantana and other unidentified plants. I only go out back to clean up the dog poop every Sunday. I also weed so the place isn’t overrun. How can this vegetation thrive with no visible means of water? As I was scooping today, I realized that not many of the weeds had regenerated, but the bushes were back.
It seems that even if I don’t pay any attention to a website or my back patio garden, they will grow without any attention paid.

Are those shamrocks growing near the cacti"

Are those shamrocks growing near the cacti?

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