Taco Tuesday and Immortality

Every Tuesday Filiberto’s (not to be confused with the copycats Rigoberto’s or Juliberto’s) offers beef or chicken tacos for 99 cents each. I’ve taken advantage of this special for many years, feeding young adult appetites as well as my own. These days my neighbor Donna and I go most Tuesday nights
That’s not going to happen in the near future. Donna and her son have started the Station Two diet. In four weeks she’ll be a vegan. I applaud her effort although I declined to join her. Her son is concerned she won’t be around to enjoy her grandson. She currently babysits for said one year old grandson once a week for a twelve hour shift and enjoys it immensely. Although exhausting, it has invigorated her life. Almost daily she shows me videos of what he’s up to and brags about how cute, strong, and smart he is. (In other words she’s a normal doting grandmother.)
I also treasure the time I spend with my granddaughters. I’m the “projects” granny. Last week I we played with air-dry clay and made presents for their parents for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Abby, seven, made a coil pot for her mother. Savannah, three, made coasters with initial puzzle pieces.
I often text my son and his wife to find out if they’d like a date night. They think I’m being generous to babysit so often. Au contraire. I’m being selfish and getting my grandchildren alone for hours.
I have no desire for immortality or even a very long life. I’m in good health, have mental acuity, enough money and work part-time out of choice, am lucky enough to own two homes so I can enjoy the weather year-round, and have great friends and family.
I’m starting to get the aches and pains that go with being in one’s sixties. I dabble at a healthy lifestyle although butter and chocolate are still important ingredients in my diet. I have no wish to die but I accept that it’s a natural part of life. I, like most people, wish to die quickly, avoiding the painful lingering illnesses. I’m considering getting a “DNR” (Do Not Resuscitate) tattoo over my heart so it will be impossible to ignore.
Meanwhile I’ll continue to enjoy Taco Tuesday. I have no problem eating out by myself.

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