A Week of Live Music

A Week of Live Music

            I was pleased to read in the Arizona Daily Sun that the Monday Night Blues Band was playing at Majerle’s in downtown Flagstaff. The band has added a keyboard guy and he was good. I knew it was going to be a great night when Marion found a parking spot directly across from the bar. We ate dinner at a table on the side of the bar and then switched to the front of the bar so we could see the band.

            Almost all of the regulars from last year were there, when the band played at the Monte Vista:  Mr. White Pony Tail, the eight-four year-old who likes to show off his dance moves, Glenn and his quartet from Munds Park, as well as the fellow form Munds Park who shows everyone the photos of his Bichons.       


            The dance floor is only about one hundred square feet, but people still couldn’t stay in their seats while the band belted out the tunes. I felt like the belle of the ball because I danced quite a bit, with Glen and the old man. We stayed for two sets and I had my exercise for the day. Mark your calendars:  The Monday Night Blues Band will be playing at Majerle’s 7 to 10 pm on June 16, July 14, and August 18.

            On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I went to the Pinewood Country Club to listen to the Back Stage Crew band. It was a chilly and hazy afternoon due to the smoke oozes over from the Slide fire. The band was cooking with gas and got people dancing, including me. One little boy, about five years old, danced the whole time. Pat, the lead vocalist shown in the photo, had the kid singing, too.


I had two Huckleberry lemonades. They hit me hard and after two hours of great music I had to go home and nap it off. I didn’t feel up to going over to the RV Park for their live music that night.

            Although there are places to listen to live music in the Valley of the Sun, I rarely go. Most of the bands start after nine in the evening, and I can’t find friends who are willing to stay up that late and drive home afterwards. In Scottsdale I’m dating a fellow who is the stage manager for two music venues. He does not want to go to live music on his days off.

            So I’m glad to be back in the mountains, close enough to Flagstaff to enjoy the music scene there and grateful that the Pinewood country Club also brings in bands. And to have friends here who are willing to make the trip and stay up until at least 11 p.m.


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