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My Granddaughter, My Legacy

June 19, 2014

I have no living biological children. I have two stepsons and an adopted son, all of whom I consider my sons without the modifiers. Though I have been divorced from the father of my older two sons for over twelve years, we are very close.
My oldest son has two daughters. It’s a bit uncanny how much those girls physically resemble the daughters I lost in an airplane crash, but each of my granddaughters is a distinct and wonderful person.
Abby, who is seven years old, came to visit for a week. It’s so much easier now that she can unbuckle and get herself out of the car, brush her teeth and dress completely by herself. She didn’t whine or make outrageous requests when we were in stores. She has good table manners. She was never homesick and only face-timed with her parents once because they insisted. Though we are not biologically related, Abby is my legacy in many ways. She loves to write stories and cards, draw, and do arts and crafts projects. She loves sweets and takes to baking. She eagerly anticipated bedtime stories and songs. She is a fish in the water, just like I was at her age. And she loves animals.
On our annual visit to Bearizona, we saw a Dall goat nursing her young,
IMG_1455 bear cubs cavorting,IMG_1487IMG_1486
porcupines eating, IMG_1481and foxes sleeping in full view.IMG_1492
We saw two bears copulating. IMG_1474Abby said, “Look at that bear shaking its booty!”
We loved it as an owl and a hawk flew just a few inches above our heads.
She bought a fox purse at the gift shop, but gave it to her sister when she saw her at the end of the week.
She thoroughly enjoyed golf camp at the country club. IMG_1450
There she met a kindred soul and they became fast friends. One day both girls were at my house for over five hours. The television was never on. They did art projects, gave each other glitter tattoos, played make-believe, and made a fort in my backyard. IMG_1506They were comfortable with their imaginations.
She made a movile from found wood and bells for her dad for Father’s Day.IMG_1504
She likes to visit my friend Joan, who eighty. She treats Joan with the respect she deserves. All of which is to say that my son and his wife have done an outstanding job in raising her. I’m a proud parent and grandparent.