It’s Labor Day and the exodus begins. Weekenders try to plan their exits to experience the least bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway back to the Valley of the Sun. I do feel sorry for them, driving back to triple-digit temperatures. Oh well, JABDIP (Just Another Beautiful Day in Paradise)

            What I don’t understand is how few of these people come back for the rest of September and the month of October. I know Zumba and Tai Chi are over as well as the Lady Putters and cards at the club end in September. Karaoke and Happy Hour will cease soon. The Pinewood Players take a break after September 7, when my play “Brownies” premieres at Cabaret Nights. I did pick the last apples off my tree but the flowers in my garden are still blooming.

These are the best months of the year in Munds Park. While people and cars are still sizzling I am putting on the flannel sheets for the cool nights while enjoying walks in the woods with daytime highs in the seventies. There isn’t much wind and not too much rain. I get to enjoy autumn. Although the pine trees don’t turn colors, the maples, oaks, aspens, and many others do. It reminds me of my childhood in New Jersey except no one has to rake the leaves and burning piles of them is forbidden. Did you ever jump into piles of leaves or slosh through them? I loved it at the end of fall, when the leaves were crunchy and brown. I stomped on them to savor the sound.

            By the beginning of October it is a bit nippy in the mornings. Luckily my dogs sleep longer since sunrise is later. It isn’t hard to conserve energy. I put the bedroom heater on a half hour before I retire for the night. I turn it off upon arising and turn on the living room wall heaters so the room will be toasty when the dogs and I return from our walk. I do have a wall heater in the bathroom that makes taking a shower a delight. Note to self: remember to get a new electric blanket. The old one only works on the dogs’ side of the bed.

Bundled up for a morning walk

Bundled up for a morning walk

I’ve included a selfie of what I look like on a cold winter morning this past April. I’ll look the same come Med-October. JABDIP!





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