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Sometimes I Wish I Was One of My Dogs

October 11, 2014

When too much angst enters my life, I think about my dogs. They have it made. They don’t have to worry about finances. I provide food, treats, a climate-controlled environment, toys, medical care, transportation, exercise and social opportunities, and grooming. They feel no responsibility for their parents. They don’t have to save money for their old age. My dogs aren’t as pampered as dogs owned by most of my friends, but Sparky and Louie have an easy life.

When I’m writing a book THE DOUBT creeps in. It goes like this:  What arrogance to think I can write! And who would want to read my drivel? Why am I wasting a year of my life on a book that no agent or publisher will want?  Then I think of my dogs’ contented existence. They don’t have doubts about their reason for living or the meaning of life. They spend their time curled up on the top pillow of a couch or bed.

Louie sleeping on the pillows of the guest bed.

Louie sleeping on the pillows of the guest bed.

They peer out the window and bark at passersby. They enjoy inhaling the pee smells of other dogs when I take them for a walk. They never have a crisis of confidence.

I am currently considering whether to dive back into the dating pool or continue my liaison with the Roadie. Sparky doesn’t need to seek out female dogs. He’s been neutered and is happy to hump pillows. He doesn’t have to wait for a response to an email or wonder if a guy will call after the initial meeting at a coffee shop. When he wants companionship, he paws me to remind me to pet him and I oblige. He has Louie to play with. Their favorite game is tug-of-war. He is also happy to chew on toys by himself.

Louie and Sparky play tug-of-war

Louie and Sparky play tug-of-war

As the holiday season approaches, my dogs don’t concern themselves with where they’ll be spending Thanksgiving. Or how much work the meal will be if I host the dinner this year. They don’t have to make a list of people and then shop for gifts. They don’t even care if I give them a gift at Hanukah. And they never make New Years’ Resolutions to try to improve their quality of life.

They trust me and know I will care for and love them. They are allowed to sleep on my bed. The highlight of their lives is when I remember to buy and cook marrow bones for them. Sometimes I do envy them.

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