Thanksgiving and the Single Senior

My Thanksgiving decorations are in place but my plans for Turkey Day aren’t.

Jumping Jack Pilgrims

Jumping Jack Pilgrims



IMG_0188     IMG_0185

IMG_0188   IMG_0186

My older two sons and their families are going camping with my ex-husband. Susan invited me to Northern California but traveling that week is a real hassle. Marlene’s family celebrates on Friday due to divorces and in-laws, so she invited me to join her, her husband and young daughter at Country Buffet. I may do that. When I was married, I made the dinner and then went with the ladies to the movies. The guys stayed home to clean up and watch the football games and the kids. So the movies are an option maybe with Susan G.

I hadn’t made plans because I was holding out hope that my wayward son would be back in the fold and I would cook for him and some friends. Not happening but I’m reluctant to accept reality. I’m hold out hope that he’ll be sober and want to spend Thanksgiving with me.

The holidays are about the only times when I miss being married because there wasn’t any question about our plans. I got to cook the dinner and be surrounded by my family. That’s the legacy that my parents left me. My mother always cooked and baked and we enjoyed the dinner with our immediate family and my mother’s parents. My grandfather always brought Barracini chocolate turkeys.

So how am I dealing with this? I didn’t want to break my budget so I splurged at the 99 Cent Store. My bill was over forty dollars, which is quite a shopping basket full of goodies. I got myself chips and chocolate and Christmas thingamajigs for my granddaughters.


And I haven’t been cooking. I’ve been going out to Happy Hour with my neighbor Donna. We ate at Blancoin Scottsdale and devoured big bowls of seafood ceviche and drank margaritas. We went to P F Changs and pigged out on lettuce cups and Mai Tais. And last night I went to Uncle Sal’s with Donna and Joan and got a tasty New York strip steak in the bar for only $11. I don’t drink very much so I’ve switched to sparkling water.

I could go Freud on myself and analyze what the no cooking has to do with my feelings of abandonment but I won’t go there. I’ll just sample more Happy Hours next week.


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