Live Music as a Mental Pain Reliever

           My sister and her boyfriend Bob came up from their vacation in Tucson to spend some time with me. They arrived midafternoon and we drank diet soda on my front porch, among the geraniums, pathos and dahlia plants with the fountain babbling in the background.

Joan, my neighbor, came over at dinner time and we all ate in the bar of Uncle Sal’s, a restaurant on Osborn and Hayden Roads in Scottsdale. It was formerly owned by Sammy “the bull” Gravano. The succulent scallops are a bargain at thirteen dollars. The crispy toasted bread emitted that sweet garlic scent and it was just right to sop up the sauce. I dropped Joan back at her place, and my sister and Bob at their get ready for the evening.

My sister and Bob are open for fun, which is why I like to spend time with them. We headed out for The Rhythm Room. The Bad News Blues Band was playing. I’d seen them several play several years ago and liked their style.

We got there early to get a table .The last time I’d been to the Rhythm Room, about a month ago to see the Sugar Thieves, the place was jammed to over capacity. We had about an hour until the show started, and we spent the time in pleasant conversation. The crowd was eclectic, as usual, senior citizens who looked like they just came off the golf course, young people decked out in their dance and club outfits and middle agers in their party clothes. As soon as the live music started, some couples got up to dance. One couple had the moves picked up in dance classes.

The sounds of the instruments and the melodies transported to another galaxy; one without cares, worries, or the past, There was only music. I was released from mental anguish I’d stored up for a month. Tee unending news cycle of plane crashes and filial assurances of sobriety

The saxophone reverberated in my gut. The jamming of the guitars rang in my head, clearing everything else out, at least for the time I was there. The blues songs, the swing songs, the uncategorizable songs charmed me out of my life and into their words, gruffness and notes.

The three of us got up and danced. I moved with the music, not caring whether I looked cool.

We stayed for one set. My sister yawned and it was enough for me. We went for dessert at the Sugar Bowl Restaurant in downtown Scottsdale. In streamed high school couples coming from their proms, dressed to the hilt. They were so cute. Not one girl had on a dress that was too revealing.  I guess the kids who come to The Sugar Bowl after the prom aren’t in the edgy crowd. My sister commented on how great it was that a date was no longer a requirement to go to the prom.

My taste buds luxuriated in a hot fudge sundae with chocolate chip ice cream. I went home a happy woman.


One Response to “Live Music as a Mental Pain Reliever”

  1. tommyblue99 Says:

    A fun evening…Good column too!

    Thomas Love

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