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Summer Resolutions

May 18, 2015

                       I can’t remember what my New Year’s Resolutions were, so it’s time for Summer Resolutions. It’s another chance to reflect upon how to improve my life.  On Wednesday I’m moving up to Munds Park for the summer, until mid-October. I do like beginnings and endings. I’m sure that’s why I liked working in education. There was a clear cut beginning with the opportunity to get things right, an ending to finish off achievements or disasters, and then a summer to consider how to make the next year better.

The first resolution is the same as everyone else’s, lose weight. I resolve to eat fewer sweets. I haven’t been particularly good at keeping that resolution but I am going to see my family back East in June so I hope to shed a few pounds before I go. I lost fifteen pounds last summer and only put nine of them back on during the winter. I think that’s progress.

Secondly I resolve to exercise. I do get some exercise walking the dogs forty-five minutes a day, but they go at a leisurely pace and stop to sniff. Since Zumba is not being offered due to Mary’s hip surgery, I need to find a new activity. I resolve to take up pickle ball. I saw a short piece about it on television and it looks like a cross between tennis and ping pong. Watch out, Doug Pusateri and David Moore, here I come!

I would again like to direct a cabaret readers’ theater play, hopefully the one I wrote this winter. I’m flattered that several people have already asked if they can be in one of my plays. Another resolution:  don’t get a swelled head.

Last November I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.) I want to revise that book to publication readiness this summer. I should also fix the mystery I wrote last year, but its flaw, not enough Voice, means a total rewrite. I’m not sure I can do it. Maybe I’ll make it into a full length play.

I need to plant the flower garden. Oh goodie! Trips to Warner’s! I put in perennials last year but saw no signs of life when I was up in Munds Park at the end of April. I’ve given up on vegetables. It’s important to know my strengths and frailties.

I’m hiring out the pine needle cleanup. I’m not afraid of the hard work but the year I did it myself I had to make ten trips to the dump and get my car washed afterward. I wonder if I can pay someone to dump the needles for me. Then I could count raking the pine needles as exercise if I do it an hour a day. Hmmm.

Opening the Cabin

May 2, 2015

            Donna and I went up to my cabin in Munds Park on the Thursday before last weekend.  It always amazes me that my place looks exactly the same. Why shouldn’t it? But I’ve had six months of experiences I haven’t shared with my cabin. Would that be considered cheating in a marriage?

The fruit trees (peach, Macintosh and Honey Crisp) I’d had planted last summer not only made it through the winter, they were full of blossoms.

At 11:30 I met the guy from Northern Arizona Stone Creations. I’d saved the money to change out the kitchen countertops, sink and faucet. I was glad Donna was with me because she has oodles of experience in remodeling. I decided on granite and we arranged to meet later in the day at the showroom in Flagstaff to look at the samples.

Since Aurora was still cleaning, we drove to Flag to do errands and look at faucets and sinks. I used to love to shop, but no longer. Now I’m a quick shopper and I don’t like too many choices. When I find something I like, that’s it. I don’t care to look further to see if there’s something even better. This attitude is an anathema to Donna. She does research before she looks and has to consider all choices.

We went to Ace and explained to the very nice guy there that I wanted a single sink since my counter space is very limited. He showed us some and gave me copies of the ones I liked. Then we went over to Central Arizona Supply. Nothing in the showroom was remotely what I wanted but I did find some things in a catalog. I learned that the lower the gauge in a stainless steel sink, the thicker it is. I also found out that you should choose items from the plumbing supply place but order them through the countertop contractor so you get a huge discount. I’m sure everyone knows this but me.

We went to the Stone Creations showroom and gave the copies of the sink and faucet I wanted, picked up the estimate on the countertops, and took home some samples. I had an appointment on Saturday to go to the fabrication yard and choose my slab. Since I have a small job, I could use a remnant and save some money if I found a stone I liked.

By this time it was two in the afternoon and Donna and I were starved. I made my pilgrimage to Oscar’s Fiesta Burrito and savored a fish taco on a flour tortilla. Donna had the fiesta beef tostado with extra lettuce.

I dropped Donna at the Ross, knowing she could shop much longer than I, and headed to the Dollar Store. I found the cutest tulip solar lights and stocked up on chips and cookies. I got my favorite multigrain bread at the Village Baker and a few items at Safeway.

It’d been raining off and on all day. Since I won’t bring my Direct TV boxes up until May, when I move in for the summer, the only option for electronic entertainment was DVDs. We stopped at the Chevron station and Donna picked out two movies, Draft Day (she’s super into football) and a Nicolas Sparks romance. (Donna was starved for movies since she moved January 1 and has not opened the box of the new television she bought. She’s been reading every night, a habit I heartily endorse.)

We took the dogs out for a long walk during a break in the rain and then settled in to read and watch the movies. I continued working on the quilt I hadn’t finished last summer. We heated up the soup we’d brought and were quite cozy.

The next morning it was still raining off and on but we managed to walk the dogs. E considered the granite samples and both agreed on the one we thought would go best. We decided to go into town and see the movie Age of Adaline, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. We went to a Red Box and picked up two movies, And So It Goes (terrific!) and one less memorable. Why isn’t there a Red Box in Munds Park? (Maybe one of the restaurants or real estate offices should get one and put it the parking lot.)

It was raining quite hard and we hunkered down in the cabin and binge watched both movies. We still had plenty of time to read.

On Saturday we went to town again. Donna did more shopping at the Marshall’s while I did errands and read at the MacDonald’s. We found the Stone Creations fabrication place and I chose the slab with Donna’s blessing. We went to Red Box (they’re ubiquitous in Flagstaff) returned our movies and rented three more, Sex Tape (very raunchy but funny,) The Skeleton Twins (slow in the beginning but touching and worth it) and Land Ho (a bit slow but good).. We spent the afternoon and evening binge watching.

We woke up Sunday morning to springtime snow. Two or three inches had fallen. Donna’s dog Serena loved the snow, my dog Sparky didn’t care, but my dog Louie was not happy about the wet cold stuff so he walked on the street where the snow hadn’t stuck.

Serena loved the snow

Serena loved the snow

IMG_0506 snow

Donna and I were sorry to leave. I call my cabin “Chill on the Hill,” and it does mellow me out. I can’t wait to get back in May for the summer.