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Back to the Gym

November 13, 2015


I played pickle ball for an hour most days during the summer. I was a novice and went from horrible to terrible but it was fun and exercise. Those two words have never gone together in my vocabulary before.

When I got back to Scottsdale in mid-October, I looked around for places to play. The City of Scottsdale is resurfacing courts for pickle ball. They were supposed to be ready when I got back. The new date is December 15. These courts are at least twenty minutes form my home, but I will drive there to indulge my passion for the sport.

The City of Scottsdale has arranged for residents to use Club SAR’s court for free one morning a week. I went there the first week I was back and was sorely disappointed. It was one court and inside. Sixteen people showed up so we took turns, playing four at a time, to a score of six. This meant five minutes of play and fifteen minutes of waiting for one’s turn. Unacceptable to me.

I thought I’d walk the dogs but that hasn’t worked out. It’s easy to walk the dogs in Munds Park because there’s no traffic. I live near downtown Scottsdale and there’s plenty of cars whizzing by. I can’t zone out while holding the leashes. The dogs would be dead. I have a doggie door that leads to their own private patio but I do take them out to the mailbox every day,

I do belong to a gym, the Silver Sneakers plan paid for by my health insurance. I have a friend who belongs to the same gym and works out religiously. So I’m meeting her two or three times a week. I do “the circuit.” It’s a group of machines that exercise your whole body. I spend three minutes on the bike warming up and then do the circuit without any resting between reps because I just go on to the next machine, doing each twice during the session. I also add sit-ups and some floor exercises before I stretch at the end. As a reward, my friend and I usually get a bagel and tea/coffee and catch up our lives.

I don’t particularly like the gym and can’t wait for the eight pickle ball courts to open. The timing will be tricky. I need to find the time of day when there are enough people to play with without having to sit out too much. I imagine that it will be very crowded the week it opens, but I’ll be in Cuba then.

I didn’t get to the gym today or yesterday so I’m going to take the dogs for a long walk. I’ve guilted myself into it and the dogs will be ecstatic.