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Gals Glitter

November 28, 2016

Gals Glitter

           I’ve written before about the Art Glitter Factory and retail store in Cottonwood. It was founded by Barbara Trombley. She started making cards for retail stores and then invented the talcum-powder fine glitter in over 800 colors that’s sold internationally.

Imagine my delight when a retail store opened in downtown Scottsdale, two miles from my home. Weston is Barbara’s son. He runs the business with her and works out of the Scottsdale store. His girlfriend, Ariana, is also very involved. She uses glitter makeup and creates costumes, glitter shoes, and other projects. I stopped by to introduce myself as an enthusiastic user of the products. I’ve been appliqueing holiday fabric on aprons and glittering them. I also found some snowman fabric and glittered it and stretched it over painters’ canvasses. I left samples for them to display. I’ll add photos of them next week when I get home from training in LA.

As we talked, I got a brainstorm to give my friends an experience for the holidays instead of traditional gifts. Weston and I decided that ten to twelve would be the maximum capacity. I left to ponder the idea.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. The Glitter 101 class the store offers involves making a card, a butterfly, and a dragon. The latter two can be used to decorate boxes or cards. I wanted it to be less complicated and more holiday themed.

I went back to the Art Glitter store to see Weston and Ariana . I suggested that the projects for the party be a card, an ornament, a demonstration on how to use glitter in makeup and for each person to get a glitter tattoo. They agreed that my ideas were doable. I asked if it was okay to bring in food and beverages to set up on a separate table and they told me that was no problem. I was thrilled that Barbara herself was going to come down from Cottonwood and teach the class for my friends.

I bought round plastic ornaments at Michael’s. Then I made glitter card invitations for my friends. I decided to serve shrimp cocktail, homemade guacamole and chips, raw veggies and dips, homemade Oreo ruffles and tiny coffee cakes from Safeway as well as red and white wine, soda, and water.

I went to the Secret Villages on 26th Street and Indian School to get the cocktail napkins in their kitchen store. That place is amazing. It has a wide variety of napkins and mugs as well as all those kitchen gadgets for a much better price than at places like Sur La Table. I went to my favorite 99 cent store and bought glass mason jar mugs that had tops and straws so my friends could drink while working but wouldn’t get glitter in their drinks or spill their drinks on their projects. I wrote each person’s name in permanent marker on the mugs.

I was going to boil up the shrimp myself, but on the day of the party, Safeway was having a half-off sale on plated shrimp. Bonus! The party was from 5:30-7:30 p.m. I went early with Elizabeth, my son’s fiancé, to set everything up.


It went smashingly well. Ariana’s demonstration of glitter in makeup charmed us and several of us bought the glitter hue she used. I’ve used it several times and love it. It doesn’t bother my eyes at all, and I’m allergic to some makeup.

Barbara told us her success story and was an excellent teacher. I do have a few friends who consider themselves craft deficient, but they were pleasantly surprised at how well their products turned out.

At the end of the party, Weston put glitter tattoos on those who wanted them. I got giraffes.


Some of my friends didn’t know each other, but we all bonded during the party. Our ages or marital status didn’t matter at all.

I highly recommend giving your friends an experience rather than a physical gift for the holidays. Memories live on and who needs another thing?