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Graduating to a Queen-Sized Bed

December 23, 2016

Right after I graduated from college, I got married and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. We lived in an efficiency apartment and slept on a convertible couch. When we stepped up to a one bedroom apartment, we bought a double bed. I slept in that double bed until I moved to a new house with husband #2 who was six feet three inches tall. He bought a queen-sized bed. When the marriage ended twelve years later, he took the bed with him and I went back to the double bed that had a head and footboard.

Now I do have a queen-sized bed at my cabin and it seems enormous. My dog Louie sleeps in the place where someone else’s head would be. Sparky usually stays on the floor. I’d been thinking about buying a new bed for Scottsdale as the mattress was fourteen years old. (only used seven months a year since I spend the summer in Munds Park.)

Enter Mr. Hot Stuff. He’s six feet six inches. No way would he fit in my double bed. But then we broke up after Labor Day and I put the idea on hold.

When I mentioned the bed quandary to a good friend she said, “Having a double bed advertises that you’re not interested in a relationship.”

After much cogitating, I decided to get the queen-sized bed.

Low and behold, Mr. Hot Stuff is back in my life.

I went to downtown Phoenix to the Tuft and Needle store to try out their mattresses. Question: Why is the company called Tuft and Needle when the mattress is two kinds of foam with no sewing or tufting? There were several “bedrooms” which had doors so you could go into one and try out the mattress in private. It seemed a bit firm for me. When I spoke with a salesperson, she said that the mattress would conform to by body within two weeks. And I had one hundred days to decide if I liked it. If I didn’t, I let them know and they refunded my money and I would donate the mattress to a charity. Since the company is headquartered in Phoenix, the mattress could be delivered the next day. It came vacuum-packed in a box. It seemed a fool-proof plan, so I bought queen size one for $600.

I went home and immediately went on Amazon and ordered a box spring for $120. Since I have Prime, the shipping was free. I had bought my youngest son a bed last February and he’d never used the bedframe, so I picked that up.

Now the Tuft and Needle mattress doesn’t need a frame or box spring but I wanted the bed high enough that I wouldn’t have to tax me knees. There’s nothing wrong with my knees now, but I was thinking forward.

Imagine my surprise when the box spring came in a box that was tall and skinny. Hmm. It required assembly. I looked on the order and sure enough, it said “some assembly required.” Shoot. I have many talents but mechanical ability is not one of them.

I asked Mr. Hot Stuff to visit the Valley of the Sun and put the bed together. He was happy to leave the cold of Munds Park and help me out.

I had started my new job, so I worked in my office while he wrestled with the bed. I had a bad cold and was existing on hot tea with lemon and honey. He got the frame together in no time. When he opened the carton for the box spring, he called me into the bedroom. There were at least sixty steel pieces!

He had another cup of hot tea before he started on the task of putting it together. After we finished out tea, I retreated to my office.

After an hour, I ventured into the bedroom to check on his progress. He was sweating up a storm but excited because he’d figured it out.

“I’m building a steel box with steel slats. There’s a zippered cover that surrounds it.”

“Are you ready for a break?”

“I’ll take a break and a glass of water, but I want to finish the box spring before we have lunch.”

He worked for another half an hour and then called me in to help him put on the cover.

“This is a steel box. It’s never going to wear out.”

“Hmm, great,” I answered. Did box springs ever wear out?

We struggled but finally managed to encase the steel box with the fabric cover. It had a zipper. When would I ever need to wash a box spring cover?’

We went to lunch and then to a friend of mine’s basketball game. She’s the coach of a freshman girls’ team. Neither team played well, but our team lost.

We went back to my house to finish the job. He opened the box and we both tugged out the mattress. We positioned it on the box spring. The vacuum-packed mattress was only two inches thick. As soon as he cut the packaging, it morphed to eight inches thick immediately!

So, I now have a queen-sized bed. Sometimes Sparky sleeps on the bed.

The dogs have given the new mattress their stamp of approval.

What does this new bed portend for the future? I have no expectations.