Decadence in the Pines


  When I first moved to Munds Park ten summers ago, I named my cabin “Chill on the Hill.” My friend Susan commissioned a sign in pottery to make it official.

I leave my over-planned life in Scottsdale behind. There I’m always busy watching independent movies at The Camelview, lunch and dinner dates with friends, weekly Happy Hours with my neighbors, comforting friends, giving advice, activities with my kids and grandkids and working an overwhelming contract job.

I still have some scheduled items up here, Book Club and Writing Group, but I get more time to leisurely read The New York Times and The Arizona Daily Sun while sipping tea. I take my pokey little puppy for walks. I write and reflect.

A neighbor of mine on Cedar Wood, Terry, went to Beauty School last year and passed her licensing test. She offers mobile services, but only the ones she like to render: Facials, Pedicures, Manicures, Clipper Cuts and Trims You go, girl. Do what you love. I arranged for a facial yesterday. It was an indulgence.

She arrived with many supplies, including the table and a crock pot with hot towels. I laid down on the sturdy cot and listened to a classical piano channel on Pandora. Terry has a light touch., She cleansed and moisturized. Who knew a facial massage would be so relaxing?

I had my choice of a fourteen carat or seaweed mask. I chose the latter. I should have asked Terry to take a photo of me with the mask on and the cucumbers overs my eyes.

Toward the end of the treatment, she put very warm towels on my face. Aaaah.

My faced felt soft and supple. And still does two days later.

As she packed up, I considered what to do next since I was so relaxed. Reading and savoring dark chocolate caramels, of course. I could tell Louie was jealous, so I gave him a massage later.

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