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July 24, 2017

My granddaughters have been visiting the last two weeks. They enrich my life tenfold.

Abby and the doll she sewed.Abby and doll she made

Abby is ten and stayed the first week. She took sewing lessons as JoAnn’s in Flagstaff in the mornings (she was the only one to sign up so she got individual attention the whole time) and Volleyball at Pinewood Country Club from four to six p.m. We went out to lunch in Flag after her lessons, her choice. Both girls love to eat at Oscar’s Fiesta Burrito.

I saw an article in the paper about alcohol ink projects. I bought the paints and we decorated plates, mugs and glasses. When I washed a plate, all the paint came off. We were both bummed out. I inquired at Michael’s and found out that that type of paint is not permanent on glass or porcelain. We’ll have to redo them in the fall with different paint and a clear fixative.

Abby’s favorite dog has always been Louie. She lavished attention on him and he loved it.

We went bowling at Cliff Castle Casino one morning with a friend’s granddaughter. They love the fact that I have a Sponge Bob bowling ball. My youngest son was into tournament bowling in high school. When he won the Sponge Bob ball, he magnanimously gave it to me.

She was an absolute pleasure. She made her bed, brushed her teeth and made her own peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches for dinner. She’s a picky eater so it was difficult to get fruits and vegetables into her eating pattern. She rarely used her iPad except to face time her parents and to entertain herself during rides in the car. We bought an outfit for her to wear to a concert she attended the day she returned to Phoenix. We also bought her school supplies from the list provided by her school. That’s an annual tradition. I do so love school supplies.

This is her sixth summer of spending a week with me at the cabin. I was totally exhausted after her first visit, when she was five. She required much more physical caretaking and entertaining. That’s when I missed having a mate to “tag team” when it got frustrating or too tiring. Now she knows Granny’s Rules and I rarely need to correct her behavior. We both love reading and were content to read our separate books.

Savy, six, is visiting this week. She’s also incredibly well-behaved. Kudos to her parents, Shelley and Nick. I was wondering if it would be too much for me, now that I’m five years older than when I first had Abby visit. I’m glad to report that my physical condition has not deteriorated, and I have plenty of energy for this very active child.

Unfortunately, it rained all day, every day. Swimming in the country club pool was not an option. And she’d already seen the child-friendly movies that were playing in FlSavy paints 2017agstaff. The first day she found crafts to do for six hours.


Unfortunately, I didn’t notice she’d gotten “washable” paint on her favorite dress. I soaked it in Dawn detergent and scrubbed it but not all the paint came out and the whole dress has a rose tint to it. I went on line to find the same dress but couldn’t. I ordered a similar one she chose.

I discovered that I could get the Disney Princess channel on Pandora. I hooked dup my new speakers and she was a happy camper.

Since Savy was to attend craft classes at JoAnn’s, we went into town to buy the supplies. First, we went to the Flagstaff Farmer’s Market and bought some items including a watermelon. That’s her favorite snack, along with dill pickles. We had to make several stops for her craft supplies, plus we bought some more crafts for home. She knew that Abby had gotten an outfit so we shopped for one for her. We stopped at MacDonald’s for lunch. I was tired and she got to burn off some energy on their play equipment.

We made the cupcakes that she would decorate during her first class at JoAnn’s. She did the craft we bought by herself, but managed to get paint on her white tank top. I forgot to have her put on one of my old tee shirts. The next day we bought another white tank top. After that I remembered to have her wear my tee shirt.

She bought a large ball and I must admit the bouncing of it on the wood floors drove me crazy. I had to make the rule that it could only be bounced on the carpet in the bedroom or on the porch.

Savy was also the only student in the craft class so she did not get frustrated with learning new skills. Her favorite dog was Sparky, and she missed him. She didn’t warm up to Louie and shooed him off his favorite chair to sit there alone. I was more than willing to provide attention for Louie.

I used to visit my paternal grandmother went to Coney Island for the summer and I spent a week with her during the summer. She was kosher and made food I’d never tasted. She would only allow me to go on the carousel. I looked longingly at the other rides on the boardwalk. It had to be eighty degrees before she would let me go swimming. Friends of hers at the rooming house played rummy for money. One summer I won all the money. My father was not pleased. She was a wonderful storyteller.

I treasured the time I spent with her. I have a seven-month-old granddaughter. Question: Will I have the stamina to provide the same experiences for her? I hope so.