Time on My Hands

I haven’t been dating this summer, probably due to my last relationship which ended in silence. Yes, silence. I have no idea what happened, but if someone doesn’t want to be with me, I’m not going to pursue him. I haven’t’ had anyone email me from POF (Plenty of Fish dating website) and I haven’t gone fishing.

Slim Jim and th3

I love to listen to live music, so I make an effort to do so with my “gal pals.” This past weekend on Saturday afternoon we rocked to Slim Jim and the Car Thieves at the Pinewood Country Club. I had made myself two small lamb chops for lunch at home, but indulged in sweet potato fires and onion rings while I danced and listened to tunes.

Mother Road Trio 2017

On Sunday, late afternoon, we went into Flagstaff to the Southside Tavern, to listen to my favorite band, The Mother Road Trio. The Southside Tavern is an historic building at 117 S. San Francisco St., between Butler and the railroad tracks. The place has an embossed tin ceiling and a down-home atmosphere. One of their specialties is a thick tomato soup. My favorite dish is the “grilled cheese sliders.” A yummy grilled cheese sandwich is cut into four triangles and each is served dunked into four shot glasses filled with the tomato soup.

The Mother Road Trio (Steve, Larry, and SammyMac) played their eclectic music: blues, old rock n roll, ballads, and their own songs. I have their CD and it keeps me company when I’m driving.

I also decided to take up a new craft. Everyone I knew already had one of my quilts and no one was clamoring for another. I know I should make some for charity, but I’m not that nice. Quilts take tons of time and effort.

While my grandchildren were taking their craft classes at JoAnn’s, I arranged for rag rug lessons. (JoAnn’s will find someone to teach you any craft you hanker after.) I split the four-hour lesson into two parts so I could master the first method before going on the second.

The first session taught me how to use strips of material and crochet them into rugs, placemats, table runners, etc. It’s best done with long lengths of material, like an old sheet. My neighbor Elaine told me the Community Church is using plastic bags with this method to make pallets for the homeless to sleep on.

I started out with hand-woven fabric I’d bought in China in 2007. Tearing it in two-inch strips gave my arm muscles a workout. I made a “thing” to dress up the coffee table in my living room. I then bought fabric (good thing I had a 50% off coupon) to make a table runner for a friend’s birthday. Then I bought more fabric to make placemats for another friend. The latter are not very practical as the placemat is thick and there are many spaces in the crocheting.


The second session involved making rag rugs with material and yarn. I tore up an old sheet. (I highly recommend ripping fabric as a stress reliever.) I bought some variegated yarn and was quite pleased with how it looked when I started the project. However, I didn’t count stitches and it turned out looking like the first scarf I’d crocheted in 1970: nice in the middle but the rows weren’t the same length. As instructed, I washed the projects in Dreft and put them in the dryer until they were only half wet. I then blocked the placemats and rug. They look better, but not professional. They are relatives of those “loving hands from home” items one sees at craft bazars.

rag rug

I figure if I tell people the rugs are for use outside their doors, the recipients won’t be worried about whether the rug looks “professional.”

At the very least, making these projects keeps me out of the sweets while I’m watching TV.




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