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Women’s Day Out

September 18, 2017

I go to Flagstaff at least twice a week, but this year I haven’t been elsewhere. Not to Walnut Canyon, Wupatki, Sedona, Cottonwood, Winslow. I’ve been “nesting” this summer, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of Munds Park.

Donna and I decided to venture to Cottonwood. She wanted to check out Larry’s, the huge antiques/collectibles store at the top of Main Street in Old Cottonwood. I usually go there and the Art Glitter factory several times a summer, but Art Glitter opened a store in downtown Scottsdale, a few miles from my winter home.

One of the great aspects of being single is we only had to check our own calendars, and not coordinate with a partner. We’re both flexible, so though we intended to go on a Friday, it didn’t work out for Donna, so we went on a Monday.

I didn’t put on my GPS since I’d been there many times before. It was a serendipitous mistake. I made a wrong turn and we passed by “Annie’s,” a café. There were many signs that read, “Meet me at Annie’s,” It was eleven and neither of us had had eaten, so we stopped. I had a luscious breakfast and Donna had a burger. The affable owner, Trina, talked with us. She named the café after her daughter. It’s at 660 E. Mingus Avenue.

Annie at Annie's cafe

Having refreshed ourselves, we headed to Main Street. We went into Larry’s. Donna was looking for a buffet/sideboard to take the place of a cupboard. We searched but did not find one. She did find a stuffed bear head that had playing cards in one pay and a beer can in the other. She loved it! She asked my advice. It was amusing, but I’m not into stuffed animal heads. She’s still thinking about buying it for her cabin.

We walked down the street, poking our heads into the stores. Do I ever do that in Old Town Scottsdale, a mile from my condo? No, but I had a great time looking over the items for dogs and cats at Pawz on Main.

We went into Papillon II and I found some vintage gowns for two of my granddaughters. One was a white Barbie gown. The other was a pink with triangle panels.

We passed a shop with lots of boots. Donna is looking for red boots but they didn’t have her size. She did notice the “Boot Bracelets.” They are like clunky anklets but worn on outside of one boot.

We passed by the tasting rooms but wine was not on our agenda. We thought about stopping for a margarita, but I’m a lightweight and I wouldn’t have been able to drive back.

We found a shop that sold Christy Fisher clothes and accessories. I bought a scarf and Donna got a great Beatles’ shirt. I also bought a pair of yoga pants that had the bones in the legs silkscreened on them for my goddaughter who’s a doctor.


My GPS showed us a different way back to I-17. I had taken the Camp Verde exit to go to Cottonwood, but we took another road, through Cornville, past the turnoff for Page Springs Cellars Winery, and back onto 1-17 at the McGuireville exit. I think that’s a shorter way to go to Cottonwood.

Donna suggested we try some antique stores in McGuireville. We had no one waiting for us to make dinner so we stopped and shopped. Donna found a fabulous bar set made from wood and cholla but neither of us had anywhere to put it. When we told one of the shop owners what Donna was looking for, he suggested an antique store at the Camp Verde exit.

We drove back to the Cottonwood exit on 1-17 but turned left into Camp Verde. As we went by, Donna suggested we have dinner at Gabriela’s Taco Shop. She’d heard great comments about it. Authentic food and low prices.

We didn’t find what Donna wanted at the antique store, so we went to Gabriela’s. I had the special, a chimichanga, and Donna had a breakfast burrito. They were sublime, as was the salsa. It was tangy and flavorful without being tooooo spicy.

It was a entertaining women’s day out. Sometimes it’s fun to be in the moment and not worry about anything but the next treasure that might be found.


Moving On

September 5, 2017

Annie and Louie

You’ll notice my photo has only one dog, Louie. I had to put Sparky out of his misery in April, but I wasn’t ready for a new photo until last weekend.

I’ve endured deaths of friends, children, parents, relatives, and pets. For me, the death of pets is difficult, but in the natural order. Unless I get a tortoise or parrot, I’m going to outlive my pet. Every time one of my pets dies, I ask the question, is it worth the pain? I decide it is and go for another furry bundle of joy. The new pet doesn’t replace the deceased one. My heart expands for another being.

Louie is fourteen. He’s in excellent health except for his teeth. He’s still frisky and does not act like the 91-year-old he is. He was thrown away twice by owners. Joan always marvels that anyone could give up such a wonderful dog.

My son and I had a cat, Oreo. It was a difficult transition for her when we moved from a single-family home with a huge backyard to a condo. She kept getting on the roof and not remembering how to get down.

When I went to China in 2007 for ten weeks, my housekeeper agreed to care for Oreo. When I got back, she didn’t immediately return the cat. When pressed, she said she would bring her back the next week. She did, but she wanted to show me the 250 photos her partner had taken of the cat. My son and I looked at each other. He nodded and I told her she could keep Oreo.

She called me today to say that the cat was in kidney failure. She was going to put her to sleep this past weekend, but Oreo started to eat again. Another pet death is in my immediate future.

People ask if I’m going to get another dog. For now, Louie seems to enjoy being the only animal in the home. I have some out of town trips planned for October and November. Perhaps when I get back, a rescue animal will call my name.

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