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Murphy’s Law

January 23, 2018

Murphy’s Law states: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

My home in Scottsdale is a condo that was built in the mid 1970’s. I’ve owned it for ten years and have had relatively few things break or repair. That halcyon period came to an end last summer.

I employ my housekeeper in Scottsdale to do heavy cleaning once a month during the time I’m in Munds Park. In September she sent me a photo of the plaster from the ceiling of the second bedroom. It was on the floor. I had noticed some water coming through in May and had my ex-husband, a roofing salesman, check my roof. He said I didn’t need a new roof, only a slight repair. He would send someone over. My son Max was living in my condo at the time, and he said someone did go up on the roof. I figured that the roof was fixed. No.

I called a roofing company highly recommended by a neighbor and he gave me a quote to fix the roof ($1800) and one to get a new one ($3000.) Since I have a flat roof, I knew that meant foam. I decided to err on the side of caution and paid for a new roof.

Then I had to get the ceiling fixed. The insurance adjuster said it wasn’t covered. A friend recommended a handyman/contractor. He and his assistant did a marvelous job of redoing the ceiling. Since they were at the house, I had them replace two ceiling fans and an inside door. I also ordered my heart’s desire, a set of French doors for that bedroom and they put them in. They look great.

French doors

All went smoothly until it got cold in December. I turned on my heater, but only cold air came out. I called the company my son (who oversaw contractors for a home warranty company) recommended. The repairman looked at the unit and then talked with me. He admitted that he fixed it by banging on it to dislodge the thingamajig (my word, not his) that made the unit switch from air conditioning to heating. To fix it would be $1200 in parts and labor. Since the unit was almost twenty years old, I decided to buy a new one. I got a good deal since it was December and not July.

That must be the end of it, I thought. I was trying to save money for my trip to Tanzania in October.

This month my dryer stopped heating. It is another vintage appliance which I’d had repaired at least five times since I’d lived in the house. I went to Home Depot and bought another one. It was delivered last week, and I was ecstatic until I did washes this past weekend and realized the dryer door was facing the wrong way. The delivery company is coming out later this week to fix it.

Being in Murphy’s Law mode, I was concerned about tip-toing back into dating. I’ve had two dates this month. These guys were true to form. One lied about his age and the other about his height.

The first one, Mr. Beepy, who said he was 70 but looked and acted more like 80, drove long distance trucks because he was bored with retirement. Really? He was a one issue man. He had worked for the County School Superintendent’s Office in research during the 70’s and was sure he knew everything about schools and testing. I told him I worked in testing, but he pooh-poohed my expertise. No second date for him.

The other date was with Mr. Truck. He lied about his height, not his age. He met me at ten in the morning, directly after picking up his new truck. That’s all he wanted to talk about besides politics. He refused all my subtle and not-too-subtle hints to tell me about himself. Guys usually spill their guts on the first meet and greet. Was he married? On the run from the law? No information, no second date.

Maybe the rough patch is over. I’m an eternal optimist.