Happiness is a Dog Rescue



              My sweet dog Louie died in December. I had been looking for a companion for him when he suddenly took a turn for the worse. After he died, I thought I would wait awhile before I got a new dog. But something gnawed at the back of my mind.

              I’d seen two dogs on a rescue sight who needed forever homes. They were a mother and daughter duo. I hadn’t considered adopting them when I had Louie, but now that he was gone, I thought about it. I usually have had two dogs at a time. I just hadn’t gotten around to getting Louie a companion after Sparky had died eighteen months before.

              The two dogs were being fostered by a cat rescue organization in Gilbert, The Cat’s Meow. I filled out an application on line and then went to see the dogs at the weekly adoption event at The Pet Store in Gilbert. When I got to the store, the director had gone home to get the dogs. I went to the MacDonald’s on the corner, had lunch and waited. When I went back, the darling dogs were in a crate. It was love at first sight.

              The organization hadn’t received the application I’d done on line, so I filled out another one. Then the director did a personal interview with me. I passed. The next step was that she wanted to see my house, to make sure it was safe for the dogs.

              We loaded the crate and dogs and some paraphernalia in the back of her SUV and she followed me home. We brought the dogs in while she inspected my house. The back gate to my neighbor’s patio was wobbly and she was concerned the three-year-old mother dog, a runner, could get out. I found some material and closed it up, knowing I would have to replace the gate as that is an escape route in case of fire. The mesh on my front gate was coming off, so I had to repair that.

              Despite these defects, she decided to let me adopt the dogs. I paid the donation fee of $400. She had called the dogs Flora and Petal. I renamed that Flossie and Pebbles. Flossie is three, about eleven pounds, and looks like a Jack Russel terrier/shih-tzu mix. Her daughter, Pebbles, looks like she has some poodle, probably her father.

              The dogs were crate and doggie-door trained. They settled in right away. Pebbles tends to bark and is a scaredy cat. She’s finally coming to me when I call her. Flossie has been trained a bit. She knows to sit on command. Pebbles loves her crate since she is addicted to treats and she gets one when it’s time for them to go in there. Pebbles, only five pounds, doesn’t take commands. She thinks she can by on her cuteness.

              They don’t sleep with me, although I do take them up on the bed as I’m watching the late news. And when they wake up in the morning, I take them onto my bed for more petting and attention.

              Joan, my neighbor, loves them too. The first few weeks I had them, I was working ten hour days. Joan came over and gave them attention while I was gone. The love her as much as she loves them.

Of course I had to dress the smaller one, Pebbles, for Valentine’s Day.


              The dogs are happy to lay together on a chair in my study while I work at home.


              I’m sure they’ll love Munds Park. I have no doggie door, so they’ll get more walks. And I have a bigger fenced yard. And there are plenty of comfy chairs to snooze in and couches to lay on top of the backs.


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