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Snow and Solitude

May 29, 2019


           I moved up to Munds Park on Wednesday May 15. It was chilly but not too cold. Then it snowed on Sunday. . . and then it snowed a lot more on Wednesday night and Thursday. It reminded of my college days in Rochester, New York. The university dug tunnels underneath the buildings on the Quad so we didn’t have to go out in the weather to change classes. I took lifesaving for PE. After that class, I’d shower and braid my long hair. The braids would freeze as I walked to the Student Union to check my mail.

It’s great to be retired and be able to look at the snow without having to be at work at a specific time.


           My new dogs were fascinated to watch the snow fall. They were not thrilled with walking in the snow. When I attempted to put them in my backyard to do their business early in the morning, they took one step onto the snow, turned around, and ran back into the house.


           I’ve been here alone. I haven’t been dating anyone lately. The Trucker put me off that for a while. For those of you who don’t read my blog regularly, I’ll do a quick recap. I met the trucker in February and we seemed to hit it off. He had a bad knee and a heart problem, but he was addressing those problems.

He also had financial issues, but he was self-supporting so I didn’t worry about that immediately. He wanted to live with someone and I was emphatic that I was unwilling to do that.

During the first three weeks, he gave me foot massages and compliments.

           However, for my birthday, he did not give me a card or a present. I took him to a Spring Training game that the alumni association of Case Western Reserve treated us to tickets and a buffet lunch. He did buy me one beer at The Dirty Dogg Saloon to celebrate.

           He talked about not renewing the lease for his apartment and moving into a ward at a VA home. He had previously told me he was working Lyft so he could qualify for a mortgage. He the money for the down payment. He’d been an independent driver, not a Teamsters’ member.

He started stopping by after his work as a Lyft driver and I would feed him dinner. He would go straight home after dinner because he didn’t see well at night.

           We had a date to go to the movies at six p.m. one Saturday night, and he called me at seven-thirty p.m. to tell me he wasn’t feeling well. I felt stood up.

I had a wine and cheese party as a fundraiser for Global Volunteers. I figured it would be a good time for him to meet my friends. He was a no-show. He didn’t call, either.

When we spoke the next day, he said he was too sick to attend the party. Then he proceeded to tell me about a fight he had the day before with his son when they were working on a car. Whoa. He just told me he was too sick to come to the party (or even call me,) but he was well enough to work on his son’s car?

I thought it over and decided that he wasn’t someone I wanted to date. Too many issues and not thoughtful enough. I made a date for dinner to end the relationship. When we were in the car, on the way to the restaurant, he asked me to investigate apartments in Scottsdale for him.

I said “no.”

He replied, “Why not? You’re not working.”

I told him I was writing, but I was fuming inside that to him my time wasn’t worth anything but his was. I couldn’t break up with him at the restaurant because, although he wore hearing aids, he still had problems hearing people. I had to say things twice and practically shout them.

I waited until we got back to my house and gave the news. He didn’t argue. He got up and left. I was relieved.

As I sat in my living room in Munds Park, with a blanket of the dogs on my lap to keep me warm, I relished watching the snow fall, reading, watching Netflix, and eating Oreos and artichokes.

I do enjoy my own company. I hope to meet a special guy, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m happy with my life.