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The Single Senior Does Fourth of July Weekend

July 8, 2019

I had my granddaughter Charlotte, turning seven, and her other grandmother Terry up for the Fourth of July Week.


One day we took a walk in the woods with my dogs. We entered the forest at Iron Springs Road. We sauntered along until we got to the sign that said the trail was a mile-long loop. I chose not to continue. I sat on a stump with Flossie lying at my feet. I inhaled the pine scent and reveled in the sound of the wind. I waited and waited. Finally I got a text from Terry that they had gone a mile and found another sign that said the hike was further on. They decided to head back but Pebbles, my eight-pound dog, was too tired to walk. Charlotte carried her all the way back to me. I carried her back to the cabin. She was fine after a drink of water.


We went into town. We had lunch at Oscar’s Fiesta Burrito. Then we went next door to the Henna and Threading establishment. Charlotte chose her design and got a henna tattoo on her arm.When we returned to the cabin, we put up the Fourth of July decorations.


Wednesday night we went to the Pinewood Country Club for dinner. I had matches and a candle that said “7.” I gave it to our waitress so she could decorate the Pinewood Cookie desert I ordered for after dinner. The desert came out and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Charlotte, but the pan and cookie were so hot, they melted the candle so Charlotte couldn’t blow it out. She loved the desert.

On Thursday Charlotte donned her red, white and blue dress and I put on my new t-shirt that said, “The Single Senior.” After breakfast at the Pinewood restaurant, Charlotte and I rode the Pinewood News float in the parade.


We went to the kids’ carnival and then home for lunch.

The three of us went back to the Pinewood Country Club. Terry took Charlotte to the bounce houses and I got her a cotton candy. Then we all went swimming for a while, listening to the great music of J-Bad Band.

We went to the cabin to take showers and off to a barbeque. We were too tired to seek out a fireworks display so we watched “The Capital Fourth” on PBS to see fireworks.

They left on Friday and my cabin was suddenly quiet. After three weeks of grandchildren, I luxuriated in the solitude. I missed them but I was exhausted. I rested most of the day.

On Saturday, I went into Flagstaff for a writers’ meeting sponsored by the Flagstaff Public Library and learned how to do a podcast. After that, I drove to the Oakmont restaurant at the Continental Country Club because my favorite band, The Mother Road Trio, was performing. I wore their t-shirt which I had embellished with glitter. They loved it! Unfortunately, they were the opening act for a Journey cover band. I wasn’t up to a five hour concert so I bought their new CD instead.

I went back to the Pinewood Country Club and hung out with friends and listened to the band Boomer. My last stop that night was Beavfest. I always appreciate the sounds of Supertrain, the band that plays that event. Fairlane Drive was packed with people enjoying the entertainment.


Sunday was a back-to -normal day. I played pickleball early and read the Sunday Arizona Daily Sun and The New York Times. Joan and I went to Agee’s for lunch and I read the rest of the day.

At no time did I feel lonely. I am lucky to have such a great family and close friends.

What’s a Full Life?

July 8, 2019

Occasionally, I feel envious of couples. I see them dancing together, giving each other that special smile. Or I’m not considered fore a dinner party because I’m a single. Or when I see a couple my age holding hands as they walk along. I know that not all couples are doing well, but on the surface, it looks that way. I would like someone to hug, who would enfold me in his arms and give me a soft kiss. But at my age, it’s seems to be difficult to find someone who doesn’t need a nurse or a purse.

My mind wanders and I find myself glad that I can eat ice cream for breakfast or down gallon of tea and Oreos while I write without anyone giving me a disapproving look.

After my volunteering experience in Tanzania, I realized I need to appreciate what I have:  my health, financial security, writing full time, close relationships with friends, my siblings, children and grandchildren. I belong to two book clubs which provide intellectual stimulation. The combination of my Fitbit and gummies (thanks to my Medical Marijuana Card) allow me to finally get a good night’s sleep. Who knew that all those years I may have been dreaming I was awake!

One of my favorite joys in life are my four granddaughters. Abby, age twelve, visited for a  week. She made her bed, did dishes, and I paid her to do my chores (watering the garden and picking up dog poop.) We made Oreo truffles,


bowled at Cliff Castle Casino


played Tenzi and Rumimikub


and went to see The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Toy Story 4. She used concrete to make a paving stone, braided lanyards and keychains, and glittered shoes and socks at the Art Glitter Factory in Cottonwood.


She swam for at least an hour every day. We ate out one meal a day, at the country club, Your Pie, Oscar’s Fiesta Burrito, and Johnny Rockets. She watched TV and read before going to sleep.

The next week I had Savy, age 8. It was a bit more work. She got started right away on crafts. She painted a picture, made wind chimes, bead and feather necklaces. She set up a stand, on the road in front of my house, to sell her crafts.

IMG_1350 (1)

It was much easier to do my weekly laundry trek to Flagstaff with her hauling bundles. She enjoyed taking the loads out of the washer, putting them in the dryer, and using the card to add minutes to the dryer.


She did a great job of folding the towels, too. Together we made a fleece blanket for her bed of girl scout material.


We also went bowling glittering, and to see a movie.

My life, full of friends and family, give me joy.