The Dog Days of Dating

August is known as the “Dog Days of Summer.” For me, it’s also “the Dog Days of Dating.” I haven’t had a date since breaking up with the Trucker in April.

I put myself back on, with more up-o-date photos. I wrote, “I’m an easy going person who enjoys going and doing as well as relaxing and talking. I’m an optimist who feels that service to others is part of life. I’m looking for a not-crazy, self-supporting guy to have fun with. If it turns into a relationship so much the better.” I thought that described me well. I asked to be matched with men 66-75 within 50 miles of Munds Park.

I looked through my “matches.” I eliminated guys on motorcycles, too young, or shorter than five feet six inches, thin, or fellows who wanted “an athletic and toned” woman. I indicated “like” on some, and emailed others. I only received one reply since I joined the site in June. And that man said he couldn’t see my photos.

I know the pool of single men in that age range and in this region is small, but I was flummoxed at the lack of replies to my emails. Were my photos unappealing? I’ll let you decide.

So if you know a great guy who meets my guidelines (not crazy, over five feet five inches, and self-supporting,) think about fixing me up with him.

I wrote this for my column in The Pinewood News. A man, from Munds Park, emailed me and said he’d like to meet me. We made a date for beers at The Pinewood Restaurant. He was good looking and personable. Then we got to talking and got three strikes: he let his two large dogs out to roam the neighborhoods and poop on other people’s properties, he didn’t like to read or listen to live music and he watched Fox News.




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